, a public company owned by federal, state and territory governments in and that distributes , today announced the release of an that provides access to for in Australia.

According to a press release issued by the company, the beta version of the Buildings API data on more than 8.8 million buildings. My mid-2018 the company expects it will have mapped all buildings with a roof area greater than nine meters, or approximately 29.5 feet, square.

The API works by taking an address string search and matching it to a known address. From the address, the API identifies known buildings associated with that address and can provide the data it has for those buildings. This data includes the height, elevation, roof material, presence of solar panels, and center point.

Using this data, developers can implement a variety of applications. The PSMA says these might include an automated tool for quoting roof restoration jobs, or an application that helps couriers more easily identify the building they are delivering to based on an address.

“Never before and nowhere else has detailed information about the built environment been available at continental scale, and now it’s accessible via an API,” PSMA’s CEO, Dan Paull, stated. Paull considers the new API “essential infrastructure for Australia’s digital economy.”

The Buildings API is free and publicly available through the PSMA Developer Portal.

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