As the New Year approaches, you may be considering a new job to go along with it. Whether you’re brand new to the job , or you’re a seasoned developer looking for a change, we rounded up some dev opportunities across the world to get you started with your job search.

1. Senior Node.js / React Developer @ ManageFlitter (remote or on-site)
Headquarters: Sydney, Australia
“ManageFlitter is a multi-award winning SaaS social media management product. ManageFlitter is used by over 3 million people around the world with paid customers from over 100 countries.”
Apply here

2. Experienced Back End Engineer @ Citrusbyte (remote or on-site)
Offices in: Los Angeles and New York, USA
“Citrusbyte is a software consultancy that believes in using simple tools to solve problems. We build custom systems for both startups and enterprises .”
Apply here (note: they’re also hiring a front end engineer)

3. Senior Backend Developer @ Mixtiles (remote)
Headquarters: Tel Aviv
“Canvas prints and framed photos are OLD products that haven’t seen innovation in years. We’re using software, industrial design and operational excellence to re-design the entire experience, starting from your phone. “
Apply here

4. Senior Rails Software Engineer @ Fleetio (remote or on-site)
Headquarters: Birmingham, AL USA
“Fleetio is a modern software platform that helps thousands of organizations around the world manage a fleet. Transportation technology is a hot market and we’re leading the charge, with raving fans and new customers signing up every day.”
Apply here

5. Front End Developer @ WeAreEight (remote)
Headquarters: Bristol, UK
“We create digital products that have helped over 10,000 of the biggest (and smallest) eCommerce companies sell more online.”
Apply here

6. Senior Rails Developer @ Machinio (remote)
Headquarters: Chicago, IL USA
“Machinio is a startup based in downtown Chicago. We are a search engine for industrial machinery and equipment. “
Apply here

7. Senior Rails Developer @ Accounto Technology AG (remote)
Headquarters: Basel, Switzerland
“Accounto is all about fully automating accounting processes. Software, math and machine learning experts work hand in hand with certified finance professionals.”
Apply here

8. Junior Front End Developer @ Pixelcabin (remote)
Headquarters: London, UK
“Pixelcabin is an agile web agency, focusing on ecommerce solutions for a wide range of companies. We work closely with Shopify polished front-end experiences for our clients, and expanding the native Shopify functionality with bespoke Rails apps that leverage Shopify’s extensive API. “
Apply here

9. Angular Web Developer @ CafeMedia (remote or on-site)
Headquarters: New York City, NY, USA
“CafeMedia activates and connects creative talent, engaged audiences, and leading brands in an alliance of authenticity and empowerment.”
Apply here

10. Mid Level Front End Developer @ WeaveUp (remote)
Headquarters: Durham, NC, USA
“WeaveUp, Inc. is a software startup that enables billion dollar companies to efficiently enter the textile print-on-demand market using groundbreaking color customization, workflow, and sales tools.
Apply here

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Happy job searching! Make sure to let us know when you’ve landed your new role so we can congratulate you.

Am I Ready for My First Job as a Developer?

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