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Our 2008r2 server running 14.0.1ru1 keeps filling up two and maxing out the hard drive space.  One is C:UsersAll UsersSymantecSymantec Endpoint Protection, which has two R;  CurrentVersion and 14.0.3752.00.5 R; which both have a Quarantine folder that is over 60GB in size.  The other location is C:ProgramDataSymantecSymantec Endpoint Protection, which also has the same folder structure as above.  All four of Quarantine are each over 60GB in size, this despite me setting the purge options for quarantine to 7 days and 50MB (those settings have since reverted for some reason to 30 days and no limit).  How do I stop this from filling up the hard drive?  We typically try to keep our OS partitions under 100GB if possible, but we’ve had to add drive space to accommodate this, and this severely impacts our server on a daily basis.


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