For a successful camping trip, you should consider investing in the best camping chairs available. Experienced campers know how crucial this comfort is when sat around a campfire, and anyone who hasn’t camped before will soon find out they’ve made a huge mistake after not bringing one along. Camping chairs are almost as important as your tent and sleeping bag.

We know many people try to pack as light as possible when going on hikes, to festivals, or on camping trips – and even days out to your favorite wilderness spot – but we can overstate the benefits of a top quality camping chair. Before you set off on your next (or first) camping trip, you need to be prepared, and this is a great place to start.

The Best Camping Chairs


Coleman Portable Cooler Camping Quad Chair

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The Coleman Portable Cooler Camping Quad Chair combines quality and comfort to transform your trips for good to great. It’s durable both in the fabric and the steel frame, and is also roomy, offering 24 inches of for you to kick back and relax after a long hike, or just one sat around the campsite.

Our favorite feature, though, its integrated camping cooler, which can hold four cans so you’ll never get thirsty when singing songs around the campfire, and you’ll never have to leave your feet either. The mesh side pockets keep your phone and wallet safe while the easily collapsible mechanism makes it easy to pack up at the end of the trip.


Roomy but cozy design with built-in cooler for drinks

Fully cushioned seat and back support

Mesh cup holder and side pockets for storing smartphone and other items

Collapsible and easy to transport


  • BrandColeman
  • Model2000020266
  • Weight7.75 pounds


ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Camping Chair

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alps mountaineering king kong chair  - alps mountaineering king kong chair 6p5brcgvg1k06i183nsilumxnzipm5xvd28x9swvpjm - 14 Best Camping Chairs In 2019 [Buying Guide] – Instash
alps mountaineering king kong chair  - alps mountaineering king kong chair 2 6p5bspteeufk411jli4fhr6muprhc9vs1uhwytvpmvm - 14 Best Camping Chairs In 2019 [Buying Guide] – Instash

Padded camping chairs are something that novice and inexperienced campers aren’t that knowledgeable about. But those who know their stuff will recognize the ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair as something that provides excellent comfort and durability able to survive heavy demands of camping trips and has a massive 800 pound weight limit, which is enough for King Kong himself.

The padded seat and back is spacious and reduces the pressure on your spine although the seat might sag for some. The adjustable armrest is convenient for keeping everything at arm’s length. There’s also a shoulder carry bag for storage and transportation that saves you struggling with poles poking you in the safe in transit.

Key Features:

Sturdy powder-coated steel frame

Seat and back deliver comfortable padded 600D polyester

Adjustable armrest with cupholder and side pocket for storage

Convenient shoulder carry bag for easy storage and transportation


  • BrandALPS Mountaineering
  • Model8140314
  • Weight.5 pounds


Kijaro Dual Lock Portable Camping And Sports Chair

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kijaro dual lock portable camping and sports chair  - kijaro dual lock portable camping and sports chair 6p5bxw8q2bireour0wpfqa5204wm2wrvjh7vtdjaosy - 14 Best Camping Chairs In 2019 [Buying Guide] – Instash
kijaro dual lock portable camping and sports chair  - kijaro dual lock portable camping and sports chair 2 jpg 6p5by05puso4f2d281edro5h58pb4zdfa0lqnd1hmvm - 14 Best Camping Chairs In 2019 [Buying Guide] – Instash

The Kijaro Dual Lock Portable Camping and Sports Chair is one of the top portable chairs for ensuring you’re the envy of all other campers on-. The premium no-sag technology is comfortable, while the durable polyester supports up to 300 pounds so you’re never in danger of feeling the depressing damp of the campsite floor.

On warm days, the mesh back is perfect for keeping you cool and preventing the chair from catching that unfortunate ‘camping’ odor. The two cup holders are convenient and can hold your beer and your water because we all know how important it is to stay hydrated. At less than pounds, it’s easy to carry, so much so you won’t need to palm it off onto the kids on the hike. Put it in front of your large camping tent and enjoy.

Key Features:

Premium seating solution with no-sag seat and durable polyester

Two cup holders and mesh organizer pocket

Carry strap attached to chair

Mesh back allows breathability and comfort


  • BrandKijaro
  • Model80067
  • Weight9.9 pounds


Timber Ridge Ergonomic High Back Support Camping Chair

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For those who love to camp but also suffer from horrible back pain, the Timber Ridge ergonomic High Back Support Camping Chair could be what you’ve always been looking for. It’s spacious and sturdy, which maximizes comfort, even if you’ve sat in it all day long (not that we blame you), while the high back offers excellent support to reduce pressure and pain around the back and shoulders.

The hard padded armrests may not be ‘traditional’, but they are practical, and make this one of the more heavy duty camping chairs on the market. Because of this, it’s a great option for camping, festivals (just don’t get it stolen), tailgating, and fishing, and will keep you feeling fine all day long.

Key Features:

Spacious and sturdy for extra comfort after long use

Fully padded cup holder for drinks

Easy open and easy storage frame mechanism

Ideal for camping, fishing, tailgating, and more


  • BrandTimber Ridge
  • ModelB017B9PKFM
  • Weight13 pounds


Eureka! Curvy High-Back Chair

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A chair that could easily have you running through the campsite shouting – um – eureka, the Eureka! Curvy High-Back Chair is another ergonomic wonder that focuses on enhancing your camping comfort and experience. The unique design provides head, neck, and shoulder support, while the sling-style means you won’t care about in it all day.

3D spacer mesh in both the seat and lumbar panel ensures breathability while the foam in the armrests helps you sink thankfully into your new favorite piece of camping equipment. It’s slightly large to fold up, but you’ll be so relaxed, you’re unlikely to care, so just enjoy it. If you need something comfortable to sleep in, check out our sleeping bags review.

Key Features:

Unique high back design offers additional head, neck, and shoulder support

Sling-style ensures comfortable seating

3D spacer mesh in seat and lumbar panel with foam in arm rests

Side pockets allow space for drinks, books, wallet, and smartphone


  • BrandEureka!
  • Model2572125
  • Weight12 pounds


KingCamp Lumbar Back Support Camping Chair

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With a name like KingCamp, you’d hope this Lumbar Back Support Camping Chair turns out to be one of the greatest and most comfortable camping chairs ever. Spoiler alert: it is, but you probably already knew that. The lumbar support system is crucial for keeping you in top shape and is comfortable enough to sleep in while the high strength steel tubes make it one of the more durable options around.

As for enjoyment, you can store up to 3 cans in the built-in cooler, and the mesh cup holder and arm rests sit at a perfect height so you need not shift your body, further increasing comfort. Even though it’s so tough, it doesn’t feel like it, and it’s still lightweight enough to carry on your back to the campsite, whether you’re going on a hike, or getting to get lost in the music at a festival.

Key Features:

Durable mesh cup holder and arm rests at perfect height

High strength steel tubes ensure durability

Lightweight and portable for hiking, camping, and festivals

Lumbar support system keeps you comfortable


  • BrandKingCamp
  • ModelB010DHS22C
  • Weight11.3 pounds


STRONGBACK Elite Folding Camping Chair

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One of the best fold up camping chairs ideal for recovery after a long hike, the STRONGBACK Elite Folding Camping Chair boasts an award-winning lumbar design and provides back support to ease any pains and strains after a day that was a little more intense than you expected.

The seat measures 18” from the floor, so your legs won’t dangle, and you can plant them firmly at the end of the day, and the material sags to provided more purchase and greater comfort. It’s durable, but while lightweight, it’s not the most lightweight we’ve selected, and even though the backpack-style carry case is convenient, you might still feel a pinch on longer treks. Don’t forget to also check our guide to the best camping blankets for more great camping equipment.

Key Features:

Award-winning patented lumbar design eases tension and supports posture

Back support ensures spine relief and relaxes muscles

Lightweight and easy to use

Backpack style carry case for straightforward portability


  • Model404HAC15-BKGR
  • Weight11.93 pounds


Caravan Sports Zero Gravity Chair

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Heavy duty folding chairs are a must for longer, more wild trips (take that how you will), and the Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair is one of the most robust around. It offers durable fabric supported by a merciful double bungee system, while the powder-coated steel frame is tough and ready for whatever you throw at it, capable of supporting up to 300 pounds.

Its versatile recline function feels like you’re being pampered, even when roughing it, and the adjustable headrest helps ease lumbar pressure. It’s larger and heavier than other camping chairs, though, so we wouldn’t recommend you carry it with you to the campsite. If you’re driving to your destination, though, other campers will stare on in awe and envy once you unfold this bad boy and kick back with a cold brew.

Key Features:

Durable textilene fabric supported by double bungee system

Smooth recline function for ultimate luxury and relaxation

Adjustable headrest for everybody’s comfort

Dual finger tip locking


  • BrandCaravan Canopy
  • Model80009000020
  • Weight19 pounds

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Perhaps the best camping chair of all time (and certainly the best we’ve brought you today), the Helinox Beach Chair is capable of sitting securely on all kinds of surfaces, from grass to rocks, to sand while maintaining comfort throughout. This is encouraged by the single shock corded poles, which work to stabilize you no matter where you make camp.

Breathable mesh keeps you cool on hot days, and the legs are sturdy enough to support you even on less reliable foundations. It’s super-lightweight, which is perfect for campers, kayakers, and hikers planning extensive treks, ensuring you’re energized for the next day, while the storage sack converts into a pillow to give you a good night’s rest you never thought possible when out in the wilderness. If you love a good nights sleep, check out our guide to the best camping mattresses.

Key Features:

Lightweight chair ideal for all surfaces

Breathable mesh on back and sides to increase comfort

Convertible pillow storage sack included

Single shock corded pole structure ensures stability


  • BrandHelinox
  • ModelB011XAOJF2
  • Weight3.3 pounds

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helinox chair one  - helinox chair one 2 6p5cceyqyyqbv67gsknmqw8e4qw6fh71soggl5490k2 - 14 Best Camping Chairs In 2019 [Buying Guide] – Instash

Helinox have a habit of crafting the perfect lightweight camping chairs, and this Helinox Chair One is no different. Durable 600D polyester is ideal for veteran campers and newbies alike, supplying you with one of the best sitting and relaxing experiences around. The breathable mesh is great for hot weather, and its sturdy aluminum frame guarantees longevity and support.

Despite being so lightweight, it can hold up to 320 pounds with ease. It also avoids issues other lightweight chairs suffer from by bringing comfort, despite a minimalist design overall. This design makes it easy to pack away and transport, though, so who are we to complain?

Key Features:

Comfortable and durable 600D polyester

Breathable mesh panels ideal for hot weather

Sturdy aluminum poles can hold up to 320 pound loads

Convenient carry case for storage and transport


  • BrandHelinox
  • ModelB011XAOYMA
  • Weight2.1 pounds


Kelty Low Loveseat Chair

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If you’ve never heard of a double camping chair, Kelty Low Loveseat Chair may surprise you at first, but it’s no novelty. It’s wide seat can sit two people, with neither of them having to share an armrest, and it’s slightly reclined for comfort, and to make that yawning-arm-around-the-shoulder routine a little easier.

The durable steel frame is reliable, and the quilted 600D polyester adds a touch of comfort to the proceedings. Padded drinks holders keep everything cool, and the Role-Tote design makes it easy to take home. Perfect for couples, codependents, or just really, really close friends, this is a camping chair that’s both fun and practical, and there’s not a lot better than that. To go with this chair, you can choose one of the double sleeping bags from our list.

Key Features:

Dual seat for couples and buddies

Slightly reclined design for increased comfort

Durable steel framed, quilted 600D polyester, and padded Roll-Tote

Adjustable armrests and insulated drinks holder


  • BrandKelty
  • Model61510716SM
  • Weight14.6 pounds


Quik Shade MAX Shade Chair

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quik shade max shade chair  - quik shade max shade chair 6p5cfprkmqwyijywgv0b9195fm2mic0ohogruq43q4y - 14 Best Camping Chairs In 2019 [Buying Guide] – Instash
quik shade max shade chair  - quik shade max shade chair 2 6p5cgmeiw1tmxojhsa46wm0nm5prblo8yu08slzpm36 - 14 Best Camping Chairs In 2019 [Buying Guide] – Instash

The Quik Shade MAX Shade Chair is arguably one of the best camping chairs if you’re looking for value, and it even offers something a little different from your standard camping chair, too. Attached is an adjustable MAX shade canopy, so your vampiric and sun-sensitive friends can enjoy all the fun beside you, without getting burned.

Like the Loveseat, it’s more than just a clever novelty. Its dual mesh/fabric cup holders are convenient, and the storage pocket ensures you can keep everything secure throughout the day. Once the sun goes down, you can move the canopy so your buddies can see you in all your non-burned glory. With its cool features and ingenious practicality, it’s a wonder it’s so cheap, but we won’t argue with the price.

Key Features:

Adjustable MAX shade canopy for maximum sun protection

Dual fabric/mesh cup holders and storage pocket

Durable steel frame with higher arched back and wider seat

Easily foldable into carry bag for simple transportation


  • BrandQuik Shade
  • Model160070
  • Weight9 pounds


Therm-a-Rest UNO Chair

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therm-a-rest uno chair  - therm a rest uno chair 6p5ci6a1iba4ju2by09oitx21eact5y2jukbvm4v47m - 14 Best Camping Chairs In 2019 [Buying Guide] – Instash
therm a rest uno chair  - therm a rest uno chair 2 6p5ciok0j7b59l3s7a63dbb0p809qu2mnp0zrjtrj82 - 14 Best Camping Chairs In 2019 [Buying Guide] – Instash

Durable, ripstop polyester is one of the key selling points of the Therm-a-Rest UNO Chair, but this is just one thing that makes it a high-end choice for experienced campers. It doesn’t take up too much room, and weighs an astounding 2.18 pounds, so you won’t even feel you’re carrying it.

The aluminum poles are robust, but easily manipulated, helping you pack the whole thing away into the base for easy transport. As for this base, it sits securely on all kinds of surfaces to guarantee comfort and stability, and if you realize you’ve brought one too many chairs to the campsite, this one doubles as a side table, easily converting for your convenience.

Key Features:

Durable 400D ripstop polyester and monofilament mesh

Secure molded polypropylene base and 6000-series aluminum poles

Integrated closure/carry handle and packs into base for transport

Easily converts into side table


  • BrandTherm-a-Rest
  • Model040818095942
  • Weight2.18 pounds


Eagles Nest Outfitters Lounger DL Camping Chair

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Much like their famous hammock, the Eagles Nest Outfitters Lounger DL Camping Chair is constructed using 210D ripstop nylon you can to support you no matter how hard you collapse into your new camping chair. The aluminum frame is robust and boasts a useful addition of being adjustable so you can sit the kids or your shorter friends on it comfortably and no one feels left out.

It’s also super simple to set up. The shock-corded assembly makes it fast and efficient, so you can be the first one to kick back with a cold drink on the campsite and give everyone half-useless advice on how to put up their tent. As the sun shifts through the evening, you can take advantage of its lightweight design so you get optimum views, and can enjoy the campsite like you deserve.

Key Features:

210D ripstop nylon is trustworthy and durable

Strong aluminum alloy frame with adjustable leg heights

Lightweight and easy to carry no your adventures

Shock-corded assembly for simple setup


  • BrandEagles Nest Outfitters
  • ModelB01MS426E4
  • Weight4.63 pounds

Camping Chair Buying Guide And FAQ

How Do We Choose Our Selection Of Camping Chairs

BrandGreat brands give us confidence we’re buying something that will last, and we searched high and low for the best brands you’ll find in the outdoors industry. These are companies which strive to make your outdoor experience the best it can be, and so put a lot of dedication and care into their products.

ReviewsReviews give us extra insight into aspects of the camping chairs you can’t tell from a quick test. They told us how long they last, how reliable they are, and whether their maximum load claims were truthful. Without reviews, we wouldn’t have all the information to make a buying guide you can trust.

QualityIntense activities like camping require high-quality products capable of withstanding the unpredictability of the wilderness. Knowing what sort of quality we needed to look for in the best camping chairs allows us to whittle down the selection from hundreds to the 14 you see above.

camping chairs   - camping chairs - 14 Best Camping Chairs In 2019 [Buying Guide] – Instash

DurabilityThe best camping chairs need to last you through over one camping season. The frame must be strong and reliable, and the fabric seat and back should withstand wear and tear without falling apart at the end of the week. If a product wasn’t durable, we didn’t put it on the list, which seems fair.

ComfortOne of the most important things about camping lounge chairs is that they must be comfortable. No one wants to sit on something all night long and feel cramped the next day, especially if you want to get into the wilderness to explore. Chairs with padded seats, ergonomic backs, and lumbar support were all things we searched for when making our selection.

PriceFinding a fair range of prices gives us the chance to appeal to all campers, from those who can’t wait to get out every week to those who only camp a few times a year. We know different levels of campers have different demands, so we found a variety of prices to reflect those demands.

people sitting in camping chairs  - people sitting in camping cairs - 14 Best Camping Chairs In 2019 [Buying Guide] – Instash

Features To Look For In Camping Chairs

PortabilityHaving folding camping chairs in a bag make portability much easier than dragging it along or carrying it in one hand, especially over long distances. This is something to consider before buying your chair as it could end up being more hassle than it’s worth.

ComfortOutdoor camping chairs that aren’t comfortable aren’t worth much, so look for something that can easily accommodate you through both padding and the seat size. If you’re unsure, oversized camping chairs are an easy go-to that rarely cost much more than standard ones.

Seat FabricThe seat fabric can affect breathability and how durable the material is. If possible, find a chair with strong polyester – the most common is 600D – as this can withstand as much as 300 pounds, and often more, while also being more resistant to wear and tear.

Frame ConstructionYour chair’s frame construction will determine comfort, easy of carrying, and also its ability to stand securely on different surfaces. Classic camp chairs are typically a solid choice, especially if you’re a novice, but more experienced campers may want to explore newer, more innovative constructions, and depending on where you camp, a classic style may not be sufficient.

WeightIf you and your group want to hike, lightweight folding camping chairs should be the go-to option, as you don’t want to lug around anything that weighs too much along with your backpack. If you’re driving straight to the campsite, this won’t be as much of a problem, but could be a challenge to move.

Folded DimensionsAn often neglected issue with folding camping chairs is how much space they take up when folded. They’re already compact, so many think they can just throw it into the car, but this isn’t always the case. Much like the weight and portability features, consider how large your chair is before buying, they’re often bigger than you think.

Ground-to-Seat HeightA chair that’s too high off the ground won’t be comfortable and one that’s too low can cause back problems and make it difficult to stand up (especially if you’ve had a few too many throughout the evening). Consider who will sit on the chair, and whether the height is adjustable to maintain maximum comfort for whoever sits there.

Seat Back HeightThe height of the seat’s back is an excellent way of preventing slouching, back pain, and other issues. The higher the back, the greater the support, and some chairs will have cushions and similar systems to help maintain posture and reduce strain.

a couple sitting in camping chairs  - a couple sitting in camping chairs - 14 Best Camping Chairs In 2019 [Buying Guide] – Instash

Camping Chair FAQ

Q: What is the difference between Camping and Backpacking Chairs?

A: When backpacking, it’s likely you’ll also be camping, but while there isn’t too much difference between camping seats and one you’d use backpacking, you will find some things that are different. Backpacking chairs are smaller and weigh less and are considered a luxury. With camping, you don’t always need to think about weight – like when you’re camping using an RV or car – so weight isn’t much of an issue. This also gives you the chance to buy larger, heavier, and more comfortable chairs to make the most of your trip.

Q: Can my Camping Chair double as a beach chair?

A: You can, but be prepared for it to sink into the sand if you’re not care. Some camping and campfire chairs have wide bases on the legs that will support you, but this is something you’re only likely to find in more expensive models. If you’re resourceful enough, you can improvise with makeshift bases from 4-packs of beer or nearby debris to keep you stable.

Q: How do I maintain my Camping Chair?

A: You can maintain your camping chair by keeping it away from water as this can cause damage to the frame. You can also lubricate the joints to keep them from getting stuck. If you’re able to remove the material, follow the instructions to machine wash it, but if not, wipe it down with soap and water and allow to dry.

Q: How should I store my Camping Chair?

A: If your camping chair comes with a carry bag, it’s much easier to store it when not in use as this keeps it secure and free from dust, critters, cobwebs, and the chance of oxidation. It also won’t get tangled with other items, which could tear the material.

If there isn’t a carry bag, you can improvise with old tablecloths or something similar, just to keep it as protected as possible.


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