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What if your business model included promoting someone else’s business? It’s advertising-ish, , and patronage. How does decide who to work with? Chris and Marie are here to take you behind the curtain of sponsorship.

Sponsor – Monday 20:30

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  • 0:40 We’re not afraid to say the word!
  • 3:00 Who do you partner with? How do you make it happen?
  • 6:30 Are we talking about display advertising?
  • 9:20 Pros don’t see ads.
  • 10:40 The core of our business is selling subscriptions.
  • 18:00 Social media advertisement opportunities
  • 21:40 The basics of what we do are…
  • 22:40 CodePen Challenges are a new opportunity
  • 27:50 CodePen is not pivoting to dumping ads down your throat.
  • 29:00 Learning from the past.

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