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Alex joins Marie to talk about the way CodePen is now managing and working on larger projects, as well as the tools and thought process behind why we’ve changed it up.

Sponsor – Netlify 17:15

Netlify, the powerful and awesome host we all know and love, now is offering AWS Lambda functions built right in. You make a folder for all your functions, and they become relative paths you can hit to execute those functions. One reason you might wanna do that? Keeping your third-party API keys safe! Just another ingredient that make your fast static sites… not so static.

Sponsor – Monday 25:36

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  • 0:44 Introduction of the topic
  • 1:21 What did we do previously for management?
  • 4:45 What CodePen is now doing for project management.
  • 5:35 Working alongside each other but not with each other.
  • 10:05 Designing better meetings.
  • 12:45 We have mature perspectives and pull from them before we execute.
  • 19:20 How the schedule in our new system.
  • 26:45 Prioritizing work and life balance.
  • 32:00 The tool that’s carrying us through this process is…

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