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Marie and Chris are here to talk about the why and how of getting a trademark for .

Sponsor: An Event Apart

Learn from the best: An Event Apart’s speakers aren’t merely industry leaders with years of experience and deep insight. They’re also engaging, inspiring thinkers who are passionate about sharing what they’ve learned and helping you level up your skills.

And because our editorial team works closely with those speakers, you’ll find that each presentation sheds light on the next—that the event is not merely a collection of disparate talks, but a curated, cutting-edge curriculum for the modern designer, coder, and strategist. A curriculum that continues after the conference ends, with slides, articles, videos, and other resources shared freely on our website.

At An Event Apart, you won’t just learn what’s happening right now. You’ll also look ahead to what’s next. Topics people heard about on our stage before the of the industry knew they were coming: responsive design, mobile-first practices, content strategy, responsive content strategy, and, now, intrinsic design and variable fonts.

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  • 1:40 What is a trademark and why did CodePen apply for one?
  • 7:20 What does a trademark allow us to do?
  • 9:40 What did a trademark cost?
  • 10:40 Sponsored by An Event Apart
  • 12:07 Why does it take so long?
  • 15:05 Other things we’ve done to protect CodePen
  • 18:00 Defending a trademark
  • 18:40 ™ vs ®

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