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Cassidy, Klare, and Marie are on this episode to talk about going to a conference and how to get the most out of it. They also compare conference prep styles.

Sponsor – Netlify 12:30

Netlify, the powerful and awesome host we all know and love, now is offering AWS Lambda functions built right in. You make a folder for all your functions, and they become relative paths you can hit to execute those functions. One reason you might wanna do that? Keeping your third-party API keys safe! Just another ingredient that make your fast static sites… not so static.


  • 0:45 Challenge
  • 1:30 Topic introduction
  • 2:05 Cassidy at GenerateConf
  • 4:10 How much prep goes into live coding in front of a crowd?
  • 7:30 How to get the most out of a conference?
  • 12:30 Sponsored by Netlify
  • 14:30 Checking out a conference’s speakers can help you figure out an industry
  • 16:10 Tips for preparing to give a talk at a conference
  • 22:00 Talking about things you know.
  • 25:25 Tips for going to a conference

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