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The newest member of Team , Stephen , stops by the show to talk about his hiring process and what his first week has been like working at .

Sponsor: Jetpack

Jetpack brings a wealth of features to your self-hosted as one of the best no-brainer plugins for there is. One feature I just recently used for the first was the video hosting and video player. I had a video clip that I just wanted to drag and drop into a post like I would an image, but it was a little too big. Fortunately I just uploaded it through .com, it was magically available in the Media dialog on my self-hosted site, and it worked perfectly.

Time Jumps

  • 1:20 Welcome to CodePen
  • 1:58 Using your rolodex
  • 3:25 From a viral Pen to working at CodePen
  • 7:07 The community of CodePen
  • 9:24 Sponsor: Jetpack by WordPress
  • 11:45 The Keyframers show
  • 13:58 CodePen Houston Meetup
  • 16:37 Livestreaming as a portfolio piece
  • 22:56 First week onboarding experience
  • 25:36 How’s it been for Stephen?

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