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Life Skills Every Man Should Acquire

Being a man can be tough in this day and age, and there is certainly a lot of pressure on us to master everything we do. With that being said, if you want to assert your manliness and get the most out of life, then there are particular skills which are worth learning in order to achieve this. Sadly, you aren’t born with any of these skills, but the sooner you learn them, the better quality of life you will have. From skills which will improve your physical health to skills which will improve your mental health, these twenty must have life skills for won’t let you down. Not to mention, your confidence will skyrocket. So, impress yourself and those around you with these awesome skills.

Learn How To Take A Perfect Photo

Being able to take a perfect photo is a skill which will live with you forever. All you really need is a high-quality camera in order to master this skill, whether that be through your phone or DSLR. Once you have one of these in hand, simply experiment with different angles, lighting, and subjects. You’ll soon discover which ‘photography style’ you like. Mastering the art of photography will not only provide you with awesome photos which can be printed for your , but it will also mean you have stacks upon stacks of memories to look back on. You’ll keep the family entertained for hours.

man taking photos  - man taking photos - 20 Must Have Life Skills For Men

Car Maintenance

On to the manliest of skills; car maintenance. Unfortunately, if your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, you’re going to need a basic idea of how to fix the situation. Before you call your local garage, prove your manliness by maintaining the car yourself. Learn how to change flat tyres and you’ll be ready to show off your strength and nimbleness in no time. Just ensure that you have a tool box in your car at all times so you’re ready.

Sense Of Direction

How are you going to survive in the wild if you have no sense of direction? As a man, you are the leader of the pack, meaning you need to keep everyone safe at all times. Whether you’re on a hiking expedition, camping , or simply exploring a foreign destination, having a sense of direction will save you a whole lot of trouble. Don’t worry though – there’s an easy way around this. Simply carry a GPS on you and learn how to read it. Technology really is a lifesaver these days.


All men want to be known for their epic BBQ’s, so why should you be any different? Get the grill out and practise cooking some tasty meat. Experiment with spices and herbs and you’ll soon find your signature taste. Whether it be summer or even winter, you’ll have friends calling you up and begging for you to host another legendary BBQ.

man barbecuing   - man bbqing - 20 Must Have Life Skills For Men

& Managing Money

Perhaps not the most exciting of skills to learn, but it’s definitely one of the most important. Setting up a savings account and learning how to manage your money efficiently will help you out massively further down the line when you wish to make big investments such as buying a house. Not to mention, you’ll be able to treat yourself far more often when you know how much money you have to spend. When it comes to disposable income, make sure that your money is safe in a wallet that has multiple compartments.


Who needs to head out to the bar when you can make some epic drinks in the comfort of your own home? Whether you wish to bartend or just want to be a phenomenal party host, learning the skill of mixology will be sure to win a lot of people over. All you need is a cabinet full of alcohol and some mixing glasses to get the ball rolling. Not only will you learn how to make some powerful drinks, but you’ll also be learning how to multitask, too.

cocktail mixing   - cocktail - 20 Must Have Life Skills For Men

Shining Shoes

Keep yourself looking sharp by wearing well-polished shoes at all time. Your dress sense will play a massive part in how confident you are, so dress to impress and your personality will start to shine too. Simply work with some shoe polish and a horsehair shine brush and you’ll have sparkling shoes in no time. It’s time to say goodbye to looking scruffy and turn heads for all the right reasons!


Driving is an important skill to learn and should be mastered as soon as you are financially stable to do so. Learning how to drive will give you freedom like no other, and you’ll finally be able to go on all the road trips you once dreamt about. If you’ve already got a license, then work hard on your parallel parking skills, as you never know when you’ll end up in a tricky parking situation with nowhere else to go!

man driving a car  - man driving a car - 20 Must Have Life Skills For Men

Lighting A Campfire

It’s always down to the men to light a campfire when on a camping trip, and the humiliation of admitting that you have no clue what you’re doing really isn’t worth it. To prove what a survival expert you are, learn the skill of lighting a campfire so that you can be responsible for everyone’s heat and safety on your next trip. Find a dry space in your garden and get the flames going; you can even experiment with various different lighting techniques so that you’ll be able to make do with limited resources when out in the wild. Knowing how to light a campfire properly is a life or death situation.


Fishing is an excellent hobby for men who are looking to unwind yet still feel a sense of adventure. It is also a great skill which can be passed down to younger generations when the time is right! All you need is a good fishing rod, bait and a camping chair to have a good time.

man fishing   - fishing - 20 Must Have Life Skills For Men

Deadlift Properly

Assert your manliness by showing off your muscles and insane workout routines. Learning how to deadlift properly will allow you to reach your goals far more quickly and efficiently. Who knows, you may even find yourself with a passion for personal training once you realise how capable your body is of doing incredible things!


It’s worth going on a health and safety course or self-teaching yourself CPR so that you are always prepared in the unfortunate event of an emergency. There will be no greater feeling than saving someone’s life, so understanding how to effectively carry out CPR is a must-have skill which is better learnt now rather than later.

Be Able To Give A Speech

Let your confidence shine, through the art of being able to give a speech. Find a topic you are passionate about and never shut up about it. There’s probably going to be a seminar or event that host for the topic you’re passionate about, so why not boost your social skills and give a speech? This will also help you out when it comes to ceremonies such as weddings.


A handshake is the sign of a confident businessman. Although a small skill to learn, a handshake could potentially make or break a business proposal, meaning you need to have the perfect grip to make a lasting impression for all the right reasons.

handshake  - handshake - 20 Must Have Life Skills For Men

Shuffle Cards

There’s no better pastime than playing cards, and with so many card games to learn, there’s certainly going to come a time in your life when a deck will need to be handed out. In order to avoid a poor game, learn how to shuffle cards properly, otherwise, you’ll find yourself getting blamed for ruining the game! This is particularly important when gambling is involved, as money will be at stake.

Shoot A Gun

The thrill of shooting a gun is incredible and has to be tried by all men at some stage in their lives. Whether you are a passionate hunter or just like to test out your aim at a shooting range, learning how to shoot a gun properly will really help you to gain hand-eye-coordination. Not to mention it will give you a great adrenaline rush too.

Be Able To Argue Logically

Stand up for yourself but avoid looking like a fool through learning how to argue logically. This all comes down to being able to both listen and project important points. Should an argument ever arise, you’ll be ready to win within minutes.

Pour Beer Properly

Learn how to pour beer properly and you will have officially reached manhood. The between a well-poured beer and awfully-poured beer is too significant to ignore, so give your taste buds the treatment they deserve and pour every pint with care and precision!

pouring beer   - pouring beer - 20 Must Have Life Skills For Men

Speak A Foreign Language

Ever wanted to speak to someone you met abroad but had no clue how to communicate? Worry no more – learning how to speak a foreign language will solve that. Choose the language of a country you visit frequently and you’ll be able to amaze all the locals by your fluency in no time. Your social circle will get a whole lot bigger once you know multiple languages!

Be An Excellent Masseuse

Your hands are capable of great things, and massaging is one of those. Learning how to be an excellent masseuse will not only be a hit for an extra level of intimacy, but it could also lead you into a very well-paying job. It’s a win-win!

massage  - masage - 20 Must Have Life Skills For Men

Are You Ready?

As you can see, none of these skills require a genius to figure out, but the impact they have on your life will be exceptional! Step out of your comfort zone, learn new things, and see where life takes you.

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