The Health & Fitness Niche is Gaining Momentum. Keep an Eye on These 3 Key Points Before Developing Health and Fitness Apps

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This story lies information for those startups or entrepreneurs who are thinking to create health and fitness apps. Here’s a round-up of three key points, which you can keep an eye on during fitness and healthcare app development. Let’s check out what’s inside?

The previous year was the biggest year for the $3.4 trillion wellness sector. Currently, the healthcare and fitness industry remains powerful and disruptive. And, this niche is becoming popular.

Specifically, a dramatic shift has been analyzed in holistic practices and wellness first. And, the most exciting development is coming from young startups as what personal health means to each of us.

Obsession with fitness is combined with a need for immediacy, convenience, and flexibility that has given rise to a generation of fitness-obsessed millennial. As we’ve moved, the world has shifted towards on-demand live workout and yoga classes from at-home VCRs.

Thanks to technology, plus the emergence of the mobile applications of course. According to the and consumer data analytics company, Statista, “The global fitness and health club industry generates more than 80 U.S. dollars in revenue per year”. Also, the U.S. accounted for 57.2% of members in health and fitness club in 2016.

With the market potential, startups are looking to capitalize on the world’s obsession with wellness. According to the data from Crunchbase, the U.S. fitness industry has grown significantly since 20. The total venture deals peaked in 2014, along with Seed-stage funding taking up the majority. And, the total funding reached a record high both in the United States and globally in 2017.

healthcare-app-development  - healthcare app development - 3 Key Points That You Need to Check

In the above-given image, you can see there was a significant drop in dollar volume in the year 2016, which does not necessarily indicate a loss of interest in the industry. The average dollar volume for each deal did increase compared to 2014. However, you can see the drop, which is a reflection of outlying rounds in 2015 and 2017. So, the total funding in 2017 was strengthened by a massive $325 million round.

You might be wondering that why does it all matter?

Well, one of the biggest trends, which fueled this was a host of startups, which are trying to get people to go to the gym and stick to it.

Herein, we’ve explained about two fitness startups i.e. ClassPass and Peloton Interactive who have been doing well among fitness enthusiasts for past few years.


Launched in 2013, ClassPass emerged out of the idea that the yoga studios or other fitness centers could potentially recruit more and more potential consumers or app users. ClassPass has garnered a known total funding of $154 million in venture funding, refers to itself as the most flexible membership ever.

ClassPass is also recognized as one of Forbes’s next billion startups, and it leverages proprietary technology to dynamically merchandise and surface over 1 million fitness classes for a seamless booking experience.

Peloton Interactive

The company is revolutionizing the fitness industry by merging high-design with modern technology to provide access to live and on-demand fitness group classes led by professional instructors. It allows users instant access to workout classes, performance tracking metrics, and motivating -time leaderboard. The company is changing the way people get fit via socially experience, which makes every workout efficient.

Peloton is the most well-funded startup company, selling a tech-enabled spin bike. The company has raised $325 million in Series E funding in May 2017. The luxury spin bikes are equipped with the flat screens that enable subscribers to access on-demand and live workout classes. Moreover, it provides at-home workout classes for fitness enthusiasts and busy professionals.

1. Provide One of The Most-Hyped Solutions to Gym Convenience

People do usually feel discomfort to pack up their gears to workout, it is painful to drive and park out there, and many other hassles people do face. So, it is important to identify the problem of users and provide the solutions. High-intensity-workouts take very little time.

So, you can provide such solutions in a mobile app. Even though, you can let your app users a lot of solutions in terms of app features. It is important for users to provide convenience to fitness enthusiasts. You can leverage data assets and reviews to create one-of-a-kind, live workout classes.

By providing gym convenience in terms of the mobile app, offer your users more value and flexibility in how and when they workout while simultaneously bringing studio fitness inspired workouts to more people nationwide.

To create a fitness app, you are actually providing the technical capabilities to push the future of fitness, especially as it releases interactive and immersive experiences. To create one of the best fitness apps, you need to provide the most-hyped solutions to gym convenience to your app users.

2. On-Demand & Live Workout Class-Streaming Apps

Finding the time for the workout to go to the gym can feel like an impossible feat. But those barriers are gradually being broken down, thanks to the rise of on-demand workout programs, which bring professional workout instructors to users’ phone, laptop or smart TV. Such apps allow users to exercise whenever and wherever they want.

Make sure to pay extra close attention to on-demand live streaming apps. It is really up to the individual to make sure that their form is correct because if users are not doing it correctly, users can actually do more harm to the body than good.

This solution can be a true blessing for those users who do not have time and strength to wake up early or working mothers who have a ton of tasks to do. Therefore, the on-demand and live workout class streaming apps are the solutions for your targeted audience.

In the mobile app, you can bring fitness classes to wellness home seekers’ home. ClassPass has started with ClassPass Live that brings at-home workout platform, which connects app users with fitness professionals via live video.

Being a fitness app startup, you can provide such solution to expand to a new market almost instantly without having a lay any hard work. An ideal fitness and health app allow users to discover new on-demand workout or yoga classes, complete with the reviews, pricing information, schedules, and sign up to attend the workout classes no matter where they are.

The on-demand solutions bring convenience to users’ lives. That’s why on-demand is in demand. People can easily find on-demand fitness classes without hassle.

3. Seamlessly Synchronized With The Wearables

The leading physical fitness app must be easily synchronized with other devices like wearables (smartwatches), which is critical to the long-term appeal for their app users. People seek various workout tools for the workout, and techniques for different body parts, muscle groups, and even entertainment as they work towards their overall health goals.

So, one thing is cleared that you need to put efforts to develop an ideal health and fitness app during fitness and healthcare app development. If we’re talking about wearables, then these gadgets have become a part of our lives. So, it is essential that fitness apps should be seamlessly synchronized with wearable devices, giving complete data about their daily goals and tasks.

It also helps consumers to track jogging, but that is not only activity contributing to health. Users who jog are likely to care about other aspects of their health, including diet, muscle strength, heart health, and weight management.

Ensure that the apps connect larger health monitoring platforms such as Apple’s Healthkit and Google Fit. And, the app provides the central spot to monitor the data being received from various wearables and fitness accounts.

Wrapping Up

The market for fitness is promising. Based on the above-mentioned data and key points, we can say that the upcoming years are for mobile apps and wearable technologies as they are playing prominent roles in the health and fitness industry.

So, if you are planning to develop health and fitness app and have an app idea related to it, then you just need to cross-verify your app idea with any trusted iOS/Android app development company to beat your rivals in the market.

Still, if you have any question or confusion regarding fitness and healthcare app development, you can get in touch with us through the below-given form. And, our sales representative will right back to you within 48 hours with an optimal solution.




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