August 13, 2018

Uber for Women – Here are 4 Features to Include in Taxi Booking Apps like Gosafr, Shebah & DriveHer

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This blog is for taxi and entrepreneurs, who want to develop Uber for women application. We have mentioned 4 features that can consider during Uber for women app development. 

Today, technology has touched every single aspect of our life, making it easy to perform daily errands like booking a taxi, ordering food, and buying grocery with just a few clicks on the smartphone. There is an app for everything, allowing people to get things at the doorstep within just a few minutes.

When it comes to booking a taxi for point A to point B, the ride-hailing giants Uber and Lyft have already made it easier to get around the city and simplified daily commute. But, what about women, who work in night shift and ride to the office at the night? How are women supposed to travel safely at night?

Understanding the problem of working women, ride-hailing companies like Gosafr, Shebah, and DriveHer focused on the safety of women and launched ride hailing apps, which are better known as Uber for women. These Uber for women applications have made it easier for women to travel from one destination to another destination safely.

Some of the Most Popular Uber for Women Apps

Shebah: Launched in March 2017, Shebah is Australia’s first and only active all-female rideshare service, allowing women and children to ride safely. Currently, Shebah is available in more than 12 cities of Australia, including Melbourne, Ballarat, Geelong, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Hobart, Bendigo, and Sydney.

The app’s fleet of drivers are growing every single day, and most of the women across Australia prefer Shebah for convenient transportation.

DriveHer: Launched in 2017, DriveHer is a Toronto-based ride-sharing app designed to deliver empowerment and safety for women when traveling from one place to another. Generally, taxi driving is a male-dominated occupation in Canada with 85.1% majority, but DriveHer is changing that by empowering women behind the wheel.

Now, women in Toronto can book a cab with just a few simple taps on the screen and ride safely to work and home. The main of the DriveHer company is to make sure safety for cis and trans women when traveling.

Venuxx: Launched back in 2016, Venuxx is the first urban mobility company in Brazil that connects women riders with women drivers. Developed by our experts, this application is specially designed to meet the needs of the female, who travel alone and feel uncomfortable to ride with strangers. Venuxx app provides a safe, comfortable and affordable transportation solution for women in Brazil.

If you have also made up your mind to develop a taxi booking app exclusively for women, it’s high time to enter in the and develop a successful Uber for women app like Shebah, DriveHer & Venuxx. Make sure to consider these 4 must-have features that can make your app successful.

4 Features to Include in Taxi Booking App Like Shebah, DriveHer and Gosafr

1. Booking Ride – Tap to Request a Ride

To develop a successful taxi booking app for women, the most essential feature that you can consider is easy booking that allows women to a ride as 1, 2, 3. Women just need to tap on the device to request for the ride.

booking-ride  - booking ride - 4 Features That Startups Can Consider

Using easy booking feature, women passengers can book a taxi from one place to another place using their smartphone. Ensure that your women passengers do not face any hassle of entering the same address, again and again, make it as easy as it possible and allow booking a ride with just a single tap on the screen.

The user can easily select the destination that she wants to travel and has to confirm the ride with a just click. With this handy feature, your women passengers will find it easy to book a ride whether they are traveling office, market or home. They can enjoy the safest and comfortable ride by being part of an all-female network of drivers.

2. GPS – Real-time of the Cab

Another important feature that you as a taxi startup can consider is an integration of GPS in your taxi app, allowing women passengers to track the cab with its total availability time in the vicinity. They will get real-time updates of the cab like how much time the driver will take to reach and the current location of the driver.

real-time-tracking  - real time tracking - 4 Features That Startups Can Consider

Even this feature will also ensure women passengers to know and stay updated where they are heading once they are in the cab. To give your women passengers some extra safety and comfort, you can allow them to share cab route with their friends and family members directly from the app so that the safety element is enhanced.

With this feature, women passengers will feel completely secure while riding whether they are traveling with male or women drivers. This useful and unique feature is worth including while developing a rideshare for women.

3. Schedule Trip – Book Cab in Advance

To make it convenient for your women passengers, you can consider schedule trip feature to include in your ride-sharing app like Shehab and Gosafr. Allow to women to schedule trip in advance as per their preferred time, date and convenience like Uber app.

schedule-trip  - schedule trip - 4 Features That Startups Can Consider

By booking a ride in advance or scheduling it, women don’t have to wait for long to get the ride. They can schedule prior a day or one hour before leaving office, so they don’t have to wait on the road to get the taxi.

With this feature, women will feel secure as they can book a ride in advance without wasting much of their time. Schedule trip feature will work as simple as ordinary cab booking does, but the women passengers just need to select the date and time to book a ride.

4. SOS Contacts – Add Emergency Contacts

The fourth most important feature to consider while developing Uber for women application is SOS Contacts that allow riders to add emergency contacts under this section, including friends and family members. Woman passenger can add different contacts in the SOS section for any emergency.

In an emergency, if woman passenger activates SOS functionality, her added contacts will instantly get a text message, with complete information like driver’s current location, name, and the number of the vehicle. In this way, women will have a safety with them in the app, so they will not feel uncomfortable while riding.

to Turn Your Idea into a Successful Uber for Women App?

The revenue in the ride sharing segment amounts to $59,678M US dollars in 2018, and it is expected to grow with an annual growth rate of 16.3%, resulting in a market volume of $109,050M US dollars by 2022, according to the report from

The user penetration is 9.8% that is expected to touch 13.3% by 2022. Currently, the average revenue per user amounts to $118.28M US dollars. With the growing market of the taxi industry, a number of taxi startups are developing their own taxi booking app like Uber for women, enabling them to ride safely.

Being a taxi startup, if you have some questions in mind like

  • How to build an app like Uber exclusively for women and children?
  • How much does it cost to develop a taxi booking app?

Then, you can get in touch with us and we will answer all your questions like uber app development cost and total development hours as we have already developed over 50 Uber like apps with unique features and functionalities. One of our successful Uber for women apps is Venuxx that connects women passengers with women drivers in just a few clicks.

Still puzzled? Just fill our contact us form and one of our sales representatives will get back to you in less than 48 hours. The consultation is free to all prospect.

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