Isn’t technology just awesome? It seems like no matter what we need, there is some gadget or device that can either do it for us or provide plenty of help.

Some of the very best available is not only expensive, but quite large. As in, it is not exactly something you would bring with you wherever you go.

Other tech is more on the smaller side, quite useful and plenty portable. Of course Amazon is the place to go when looking for those, though sorting through all the great stuff can be quite the chore.

So instead of making you do that, we’ve put together a list featuring some of the best portable tech you can get. And us, these things would be super helpful to have.

A battery pack for the road

- Battery - 5 Amazon tech gadgets to take along with you everywhere you go

We have all been in that situation where we panic over our phone’s battery life. As the and percentage drop, our stress level rises.

The problem is solved if you have an outlet around, but then again that only helps if you not only have access to it, but brought a charging cable, too. Then you have to leave your phone there charging, which isn’t great but at least it won’t die.

Or, since that’s not really a great option either, your best bet is a portable battery pack. The Anker PowerCore 5000 is a perfect option at $19.99, as it offers enough power to fully charge an iPhone 6s twice or a Samsung Galaxy S7 once.

Those are not the only devices it can charge, of course. Its 5000 mAh of power will go a long way, and its ultra-compact body is durable and easy to slide in and out of a pocket or bag.

A foldable keyboard

- Keyboard - 5 Amazon tech gadgets to take along with you everywhere you go

It used to be that people took a laptop computer whenever they hit the road, but nowadays tablets are what people turn to. The only problem is they lack the kind of keyboard found in a laptop, which can make it difficult to use them for any kind of real business.

Fortunately, Bluetooth offers the chance to connect a keyboard to something like a tablet or even a smartphone, and this one that folds up is perfect for taking with you. Lightweight and powerful, this $28.99 mat provides a sense of touch that will make it comfortable to use.

The keyboard is compatible with most devices, especially if they use Windows, iOS or Android. The keyboard comes with a touchpad, too, though it may not work with iOS.

At any rate, the keyboard comes with a rechargeable battery that will provide up to 48 hours of writing time per charge, while its standby time is up to 560 hours.

A card holder on your phone

- gecko - 5 Amazon tech gadgets to take along with you everywhere you go

You take your phone around with you everywhere, and you don’t want to take multiple devices or containers at the same time. That’s what makes this adhesive phone wallet a great idea.

At $9.95, it also makes a practical item too. The sleeve blocks RFID signals and it’s tall enough to cover credit cards, cash or your earphones. Don’t worry about the exact model, like you do with other phone cases. This fits almost any phone out there, whatever the make or model.

Sort through the colors and logos – you’re sure to find something that’ll work for you.

It’s a fan, it’s a clock

- fanclock - 5 Amazon tech gadgets to take along with you everywhere you go

You take your laptop and set up at the coffee shop, or your restaurant. But it can get stuffy. And what time is it, anyway?

OK, you don’t get that lost. But this a cool all-in-one gadget for $13.49. It’s a fan you plug into your laptop, and it also has flashing LEDs that’ll show you a clock. You won’t sit there and lose track of the time with this great little toy.

Carry your files with you
- drive - 5 Amazon tech gadgets to take along with you everywhere you go


Thumb drives aren’t as ubiquitous as they use to be. We’ve all gotten use to throwing files on the cloud.

But when you need one, you need one. Here’s one that doesn’t look anything like an old-fashioned thumb drive, and it’ll always be with you anyway.

This metal thumb drive is also a keychain R; and being metal, it’s more rugged than you old plastic drives. It’s a 8GB drive, too, so that’ll be enough for emergency storage. And you can’t beat $11.92 for a price.

Bonus: Take a cool little light with you

- sphere - 5 Amazon tech gadgets to take along with you everywhere you go

These mini magnet lights are compact enough to light up any situation. Stick the magnetic sphere to any metal surface for hands-free light. Use it to work on your car, light your way through a parking lot, read in low light and more.

With 40 hours of battery life, it lasts longer than most other flashlights. And at $6.99 at Komando Shop, it’s a bargain.

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