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Geology is the study of the earth’s structure, the various processes that act on it, and its history. That’s a lot of ground to cover (heh heh). However, there aren’t a ton of apps for geology fans. Most of your info comes from books, maps, and actually being there to see it. apps can only get you so far. With that said, here are the best geology apps for Android.

Flyover Country

Price: Free

Flyover Country is one of the most unique geology apps. Here’s how it works. You define a trajectory when you travel. The app shows you various geological maps, fossil locales, Wikipedia articles, offline maps, and various other stuff. It’s almost like taking a tour of the geology of the area you’re traveling through. The app is really only usable while traveling, but you can find neat stuff even while sitting around the house. This one has a lot of local info. It’s also completely free and uses tons of geology websites as its source.

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Google Play Books or Amazon Kindle

Price: Free

Geology is still very much a book subject. There are a ton of books on the subject, including mineral identification books, general geology topics, and more. Google Play Books has a ton of them as does Amazon Kindle. They’re usually not too expensive. Both apps let you download and read books offline and include a variety of customization features. They also both have a night mode, various font sizes, and previews of books before purchase. You can’t go wrong either way.

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My Earthquake Alerts

Price: Free / $1.99

There are actually several decent earthquake alert apps in the Play Store. My Earthquake Alerts is one of the most popular. It shows you where all the earthquakes are, their strength on the Richter scale, and their distance to your location. It also includes alerts for earthquakes close to you, Material Design, and a database of earthquakes from as far back as 1970. Some other excellent apps in this space include LastQuake, Earthquake Network, eQuake, and GeoTremor Earthquake Alert. They all work more or less the same way.

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Smart Geology

Price: Free / $2.00

Smart Geology is one of the older geology apps. It has a bunch of general information on the topic. That includes a mineral chart with classifications, a geology dictionary, some customization, and more. Its best feature is a tool that helps identify rocks you have in your hand. The developer has a second app. It runs for $2.99 and it identifies gemstones, a quiz, and some other useful features. Again, they’re old. Thus, your mileage may vary.

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Price: Free / $9.99 per month

YouTube is an excellent source of geology information. You can find all kinds of videos on the topic. That includes explainers, tutorials, guides, and some people just post videos of gorgeous rocks, stones, and gems. There are also some documentaries on the topic that are full-length videos. There is just a ton of information from beginner’s stuff to more advanced topics. YouTube is free with advertising. There is also an optional YouTube Red subscription that removes ads, enables background play, and more.

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If we missed any great geology apps for Android, tell us about them in the comments! You can also click here to check out our latest Android app and game lists!

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