- switch netflix - 5 things we wish the Nintendo Switch did

Nobody uses their console to browse the . Using a gamepad to navigate the is like using a fork to eat soup. Since the is portable and has a touchscreen, though, it stands to reason that it might make a decent tablet substitute. It would certainly be cost effective, since the iPad Mini 4 costs even more than ’s new console.

Sure, you wouldn’t be able to hail an Uber or play Clash Royale, but you should still be able to scour social media and do a search to settle an argument – provided you had a Wi-Fi connection.

The Switch certainly seems like the most appropriate games console for browsing the web, so it’s all the more peculiar that it’s one of the few that lacks that capability. Evidence suggests that a browser exists on the Switch – but only for the purpose of connecting to Wi-Fi hotspots. How strange.

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