- blackberry key one main - 5 things you need to know about the BlackBerry KeyOne

’s decision to jump ship to was a sensible one given the lack of support for its own OS, and the inclusion of 7.1 Nougat out of the is a bonus here.

Despite running Google’s OS, though, the retains plenty of BlackBerry’s own software features. BlackBerry Hub, for instance, brings all of your messaging accounts into one place – and if it works as well here as it did on the Priv, it’ll do a very good job of it too.

And then there’s – a big focus for BlackBerry these days. The KeyOne includes the DTEK software suite, which gives you all manner of tools for keeping those pesky viruses, hackers and government officials at bay. BlackBerry reckons it’s the most secure Android phone out there, and with features such as a constantly updated rating for the device and suggestions for how you can make your phone safer, it might well be correct. You’ll even get alerts when an tries to access features such as your camera, microphone or contacts. 

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