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Design is constantly changing, but that doesn’t mean its trends are just frivolous hype. Digital design, in particular, evolves out of innovative services and improving technologies. Furthermore, design trends are a telling reflection of consumer tastes and needs at any given . Trends come and go, but they provide a meaningful look into modern ideas about aesthetics and usability.

The design team at Coastal Creative predicts that digital design in will be dominated by of contrast. Look out for lots of double exposure, bold and bright duo-tone images, photographs overlaid with vectors, flat illustrations come to life with subtle animations, and 3D aesthetics in 2D mediums.

Contrast in design is achieved by combining distinct visual elements to create visual harmony. This motif of merging distinct elements seems especially relevant in an age where the boundary between the and digital worlds shrinks with each passing year. It’s no surprise that current trends in design play with and replicate this ever-blurring distinction through the aesthetics of contrast.

To get a feel for the trends you’re bound to see more of in the year ahead, check out Coastal Creative’s Design Trends 2018 infographic below:

Design trends 2018  - Design Trends 2018 WU Redesign 6 150 DPI - 8 Inspirational Design Trends For 2018


Author Bio:
Joe Robison is the Marketing Director of Coastal Creative, a San Diego-based printing company that specializes in a wide variety of design and large-format projects. You can read his thoughts about digital marketing and SEO on his blog.

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