1. Use AdWords free credits to reach out to the editors

You get free credits when you create a new AdWords account, use that credit to reach out to the Tech editors in the industry – they will help you promote your if they consider its innovative enough.

2. Public Relations is an extremely useful tool if used wisely

Try and customize each email when you approach an editor, personal treatment is important when you are looking for ambassadors. And don’t forget to ask them to refer you to some of their contacts!

3. Use the customer touchpoint through owned channel

Use every opportunity you get to promote your app in all your owned channels. Don’t restrict yourself to the regular digital marketing sites, think out of the box and promote your app on the packaging of your product, for example.

4. Create exclusivity during the beta launch

Get people to want to have your app, turn them into ambassadors very early on and they will gladly help you promote your services without expecting anything in return.

5. Make referral incentive a part of the onboarding program

Tightly linked to the previous tip, referral incentives will make your users promote your app for you. Try and gamify the referral program that creates value to the user and they will happily share it with their contact lists.

6. Cross-sell with other apps in the similar category

Partnering up with competitors who are working on similar products can be very beneficial and push your product in an efficient and cost-free manner.

7. Identify blogs sending traffic to your competitor

If you opt out of the cross-selling option, work on the revenue share and/or affiliates model. Track down the bloggers who are recommending your competitor’s work and try to negotiate with them.

8. App Store Optimization

The most important conversion rate. App store optimization (ASO) is the process of improving the visibility of a app in an app store, it’s like the SEO for apps. The most significant factors are:

  • Keywords: them based on relevance, ranking and search volume. Keep in mind you have a 0-character limit.
  • App name: Keep it in 50 characters, include an important keyword if possible, and don’t use special characters.
  • Description – Bullet points, reasons to believe (feedback, star ratings), screenshots, video.
  • Update the description and app icon during special events such as holidays or internal activities.
  • Use search advertising: Search Ads is an efficient and easy way to help people discover your app on the App Store for iPhone and iPad.

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