In the 1980s, William Gibson’s Sprawl trilogy, and Neuromancer in particular, captured the imaginations of technology enthusiasts around the world and practically invented the cyberpunk genre along the way. Gibson concocted a number of new technological devices for his world, but the is one of the fan favorites. That fandom has led to a thriving maker scene, and some builds like this Ono Sendai Cyberspace 7 really stand out.

The fictional cyberdeck, as described by Gibson, was essentially a portable computer with a neural interface. Neural interfaces are still out of the reach of most makers, but portable computers are certainly possible. The standard configuration is a large keyboard with a display mounted to it. Redditor D10D3’s Cyberspace 7 uses a reproduction Commodore 64C case, which has been fitted with a Red Dragon mechanical keyboard complete with Cherry MX Blue switches.

Attached to the of the 64C case is a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+, and the display is an official Raspberry 7″ touch screen. A large ,500 mAh battery and carrying strap make it possible to hack the matrix on the go (no, not THAT matrix). If you want to experience some of the magic of the world Gibson introduced in Neuromancer, this is an awesome cyberdeck to emulate.

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