R;…Paragraph 1, caught criminal

..Paragraph 2, caught 24 criminals

..Paragraph 3, caught criminal

With millions of and billions of lines of code, China is building a high-tech authoritarian future.”

To me, that is just NYT China bashing again. But as we are all above that, we can look at the 🙂

Just looking at the first picture, it could be anyplace. If you rarely cross borders then you wouldn’t see the advantage of streamlined immigration. of people daily pass through immigration and for them being able to be virtually processed as they walk from the aircraft or ship would save an immense amount of .

It’s the cinema, everybody is being recognized as they walk through the foyer. The AI automatically debits the ticket price, the refreshments are being ordered and their seats allocated. 11845 has a low social score, he and the kids caused chaos the last 3 times they went to the cinema. All the rest of the audience were quite angry. They are not getting in 🙁

At the bus/train/taxi station. The AI is recognizing and predicting the destinations of all the travelers. That can mean all the transport could be allocated as needed, 2 or 3 buses and only 50 taxis.

We could brainstorm for a long time, coming up with situations where being recognized would have a beneficial aspect. The authoritarian angle is of concern, but it will be outweighed by many other positive aspects.

Jaywalking.. and shaming, well if it stops this happening

Secretly monitoring a huge population (in a big brother sense) is far better done indirectly by mobile .

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