Are you a fan of home projector setups and screens (checkout our screen picks? Do you want your to have fun with projectors, too? Then you will be particularly interested in Cinemood’s new project.

Cinemood has announced its intent to produce a very interesting new consumer project entrant. We’ve been seeing brands carefully bring more innovative projectors to market recently in hopes of finding valuable niches where these can still be useful to the average consumer. Cinemood’s solution is another innvoation – a mini projector (read our projector reviews here) made for kids.

How will it work? According to reports, this LTE projector will be a cube much like a similar Cinemood model, but 5x brighter (an excellent upgrade for the average home) and with a picture that’s 20% wider. It’s expected to have 32GB of memory for video files as well as a significant amount of preloaded content.

Projector: Cinemood  - 750x450xCinemood LTE Close 900x540 - A Mini Projector for Kids

Cinemood’s projector is enough to be held by kids or their parents.

Of course, the LTE version will be able to stream content, while a localized version called Cinemood White won’t have streaming, but will still be able to hold and project content on its own (and presumably at a lower price). There are also reports that the models will have some type of voice activation, although there’s not many details about that feature quite yet.

The models will also be marketed to kids and parents, with a focus on entertainment. For example, the preloaded content on the new White model is expected to contain 67 Disney stories according to E-Coustics and 120 hours of cartoons, kid’s stories, fun little animations, and so on. Toss them to your kid, and they’ll entertain themselves by projecting it against a nearby wall (and definitely not flashing it in their brother’s face).

Cinemood is making the assumption that kids will already be looking at this type of entertain, and probably on tablets. They want to convince parents that projectors are healthier to look at (some research on this would be interesting) and easier to control than tablets. What do you think – do they have a shot, and at what price?

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