Welcome to , everyone! Hopefully, you’re feeling as re-energized, motivated and as as we are to set new goals and challenges. But, before we move forward with the exciting year ahead, we’d like to highlight our proudest achievements and celebrate some of our students’ awesome accomplishments from 2017.

The community grew

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We’re constantly inspired by the incredible and diverse community of students learning with Treehouse from across the world and engaging with one another in the Treehouse Community and on social media. Here’s how the community grew in 2017:

  • The  Treehouse community of students grew to 252k with students located in over 190 countries across the world
  • Our social community, spanning across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn grew to 630k

We served our students

Our students are the reason we believe in our mission and truly love what we do at Treehouse. That’s why in 2017:

  • Our team of 80 dedicated 167k hours to serve our students
  • Our awesome support team of 3 (Rob, Kara and Jay) completed 55k conversations with our students

Our students were dedicated to learning

Every year, we’re in awe of the incredible hard work and determination of our students, not to mention some of their incredible stories. These are just a few of the academic achievements we saw from our students last year:

  • 460,110 courses completed
  • 16,741 tracks completed
  • 168,870,084 points unlocked
  • 61,235,382 badges unlocked
  • 4,6 projects completed by Techdegree students

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The Treehouse Library of courses and workshops expanded

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2017 was a big year in the Treehouse Library, not only did we release a ton of new content, growing our library to almost 600 courses and workshops, we also launched new tracks and topics. Here’s a breakdown of what was new in 2017:

  • We added 85 new courses and 79 workshops
  • We also launched 13 new tracks
  • We added 5 new topics (Data Analysis, APIs, Security, Go, Quality Assurance)
  • All of the above came to 185 hours (or 11,061 minutes) of new content for our students!

When it comes to the most popular topics, here’s what our students were most interested in learning in 2017:

  1. JavaScript
  2. HTML
  3. CSS
  4. Python
  5. Dev Tools
  6. Java
  7. Design
  8. iOS
  9. PHP
  10. WordPress

What an incredible year to look back on and now it’s to look forward to the year ahead. What are you most proud of accomplishing in 2017? What are you learning goals for this year? Share in the comments below.

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