This Symfony released the 3.4.2 and 4.0.2 maintenance versions. Meanwhile, we improved the performance when getting services from the container, added HTML5-like validation for email addresses, and improved the design of tables in console commands. Lastly, the SymfonyLive Paris 2018 conference announced its early bird registration and the call for papers.

Symfony development highlights

2.7 changelog:

  • b78c0ae: [HttpKernel] fixed logging of post-terminate errors/exceptions
  • 0a7c659: [HttpFoundation] added support for 0 bit netmask in IPv6
  • 891b321: [Debug] fixed catching fatal errors in case of nested error handlers
  • 9ac08e8: [TwigBridge, Form] fixed hidden currency element with Bootstrap 3 theme
  • ccc9367: [Console] fixed a bug when passing a letter that could be an alias
  • 9ff3776: [FrameworkBundle] added missing validation options to XSD files
  • 01229fb: [Routing] preserve percent-encoding in URLs when performing redirects in the UrlMatcher
  • 76b7cac: [FrameworkBundle] remove esi/ssi renderers if inactive

3.3 changelog:

  • 7b35c2d: [Yaml] empty lines don’t count for indent detection
  • 4b95961: [DependencyInjection] tweaking class not found autowiring error
  • c2266bb: [DependencyInjection] impossible to set an environment variable and then an array as container parameter
  • 9fda6af: [Process] don’t rely on putenv() because it fails on ZTS PHP
  • b78c0ae: [HttpKernel] fixed logging of post-terminate errors/exceptions
  • 7035d01: [VarDumper] fixed file links leave blank pages when IDE is configured
  • 891b321: [Debug] fixed catching fatal errors in case of nested error handlers
  • b4e0a45: [Translation] fixed InvalidArgumentException when using untranslated plural forms from .po files

3.4 changelog:

  • f07430f: [Process] removed false-positive BC breaking exception on Windows
  • 24e274d: [SecurityBundle] added missing logout_on_user_change options
  • 020664e: [DependencyInjection] optimized Container::get() for performance

4.0 changelog:

  • 1277219: [Doctrine Bridge] drop R;memcache” type

Master changelog:

  • 503effe: [Validator] Html5 Email Validation
  • 5b66c26: [DependencyInjection] add context to service-not-found exceptions thrown by service locators
  • 8a12eb3: [Console] added style table
  • 2c976f7: [FrameworkBundle] added ControllerTrait::getParameter()
  • 74106c2: [FrameworkBundle, Routing] use a PSR-11 container in FrameworkBundle Router
  • 033e752: [Console] fixed exit code with non-integer throwable code
  • 1cf1ae7: [PropertyAccess] add more information to NoSuchPropertyException Message

Newest issues and pull requests

They talked about us

Be trained by Symfony experts
2018-01-8 Paris
2018-01-8 Paris
2018-01-10 Paris

a week of symfony #572 (11-17 december 2017) - yFgDcq5x3fM - A week of symfony #572 (11-17 December 2017)

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