This week, Symfony development activity focused on fixing bugs, mostly related to environment variables edge cases. In addition, Symfony released a tool called Thanks which lets PHP developers give thanks to all their PHP dependencies in the form of a GitHub star.

Symfony development highlights

2.7 changelog:

  • 98bfe80: [Console] fixed a bug when you are passing a default value and passing -n would output the index
  • f99eb65: fixed issues found by PHPStan
  • 4bd9c79: [Console] commands with an alias should not be recognized as ambiguous
  • 11bee7f: [Intl] updated ICU to 60.2

3.3 changelog:

  • 3d9676c: [Form] improved FormType::getType exception message details
  • 6935e5a: [Process] don’t use getenv(), it returns arrays and can introduce subtle breaks across PHP versions
  • 743be09: [WebServerBundle] fixed a bug where require would not require the good file because of env
  • f24a828: [Process] fixed setting empty env vars

3.4 changelog:

  • cd6690d: [SecurityBundle] allow auto_ for SessionAuthenticationStrategy class

Master changelog:

Newest issues and pull requests

They talked about us

Be trained by Symfony experts
2018-01-8 Paris
2018-01-8 Paris
2018-01-10 Paris

- xjuJeKcG7zk - A week of symfony #573 (18-24 December 2017)

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