This , Symfony 2.7.43, 2.8.36, 3.4.6 and 4.0.6 maintenance versions were published. Meanwhile, Symfony development activity focused on fixing minor bugs. Lastly, the “feature freeze” period for the upcoming Symfony 4.1 version starts in just 3 weeks, so we need your help to review issues and finish pull requests.

Symfony development highlights

2.7 changelog:

  • 76c1251: [CssSelector] fixed CSS identifiers parsing so they can start with dash
  • c202a37: [Intl] load locale aliases to support alias fallbacks

3.4 changelog:

  • fc1b1dd: [DependencyInjection] skip resource tracking if disabled
  • 07cccd5: [SecurityBundle] made extra character non mandatory in regex

4.0 changelog:

  • 1819c8d: [HttpFoundation] fixed the handling of timestamp in the MongoDBSessionHandler

Master changelog:

  • 7a9929f: [WebProfilerBundle] made the translation profiler panel more compact
  • d65c43b: [Process] reverted the prepared commands feature
  • 009b4d2: [WebProfilerBundle] display the missing translation panel by default
  • febc096: [] fixed a AuthenticationUtils::getLastUsername() return type inconsistency
  • aab5772: reworded some deprecation messages
  • 330cf8d: [Console] improved command description/help display

Newest issues and pull requests

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