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– A few years ago, we told you about the Kohler Nightlight toilet seats that added two battery-powered nightlights to your Kohler .  If you don’t have Kohler fixtures, you can still have a for your with the GlowBowl Fresh.  This motion-activated nightlight fits any .  It has a flexible arm that will bend to fit any bowl and hold itself in place.  This is the second generation of the GlowBowl, which adds an function to the nightlight.

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The GlowBowl Fresh is powered by three AAA batteries.  It’s motion-activated to preserve battery life; it turns itself off after you leave the bathroom.  It has LEDs that can produce 13 different colors, so you can select the nightlight color you like best.  The GlowBowl Fresh is available for $14.99 at Amazon.

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