I’ve been developing iOS apps as a hobby for the past eight months, and I released my first ever iOS on the store around six months ago.

Even though I started in Swift just to create an `Apple counterpart` to my existing apps, I started shifting my time more and more on the iOS developing process.

I am now at a point where I feel to take on more complex projects, but here’s the problem: I have never owned an iPhone.

This has resulted in a couple of pretty severe limitations (no Camera simulation, no native push notifications support AFAIK, and in general can’t test my code on a real device), so I have come to you for help.

I can’t spend very much on a device right now (so the newest iPhones are out of the question) but I’d like to get something able to work both as a testing device and a daily driver.

After looking around for a bit I think I narrowed down the choices to two main candidates:

I’d more or less be able to get the devices for:

Device Condition Price
iPhone 7 (32 GB) New ~480€
iPhone 7 (8 GB) Refurbished ~430€
iPhone 7 (128 GB) Used ~0€
iPhone 8 (64 GB) New ~640€
iPhone 8 (64 GB) Used ~500-550€

I guess the question can be boiled down to: should I get an iPhone 7 for ~450€ or is it worth to spend the extra 0€ to get the iPhone 8? The main would be the newer processor and maybe the ability to wireless-charge it.

Am I overlooking something important?

Thank you all for the time.

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