There is a continuation school that The University of Irvine offers, its around the lower 5k region for the full 1-month program.

Not sure if it certifies you or gives you some other form of diploma or certification.

By trade i am in marketing and specialize in Amazon eCommerce. But after hearing my boss talk about it i have been very interested ever since. He used to work for IBM and has some Big experience before becoming our director.

He said that Big Data has really yet to Boom and it will be huge by 2020. At least by what he says. Its almost as if he encouraged me to leave this position and go into Big Data lol

So assuming you all have careers in big data, how do i get started? Do i need a degree or is certification enough? What kind of projects can i do to my experience and dumb question but how does Big Data work? is it kind of like Excel? where you have a lot of information and you are just trying to make it neat and have all the information easily access-able?

Thanks everyone

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