I’m trying to run some tests . After I generate the genesis , I get this error in the debug.log file.

 in block  at CBlockDiskPos(nFile=0, nPos=8)

Which of course means that the genesis block’s wrong.

I tried with Vertcoin and I’m getting the same error. I’m not sure what’s wrong.

Monacoin original params

    consensus.nMinimumChainWork = uint256S("0x000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000002ee52a8e6e4475732");
    consensus.defaultAssumeValid = uint256S("0x8ee1fd0a836d804422a100fb5c1ca7626c7a35b492c234146797f4a50f38eea8");
    assert(consensus.hashGenesisBlock == uint256S("0xff9f1c0116d19de7c9963845e129f9ed1bfc0b376eb54fd7afa42e0d418c8bb6"));
    assert(genesis.hashMerkleRoot == uint256S("0x35e405a8a46f4dbc1941727aaf338939323c3b955232d0317f8731fe07ac4ba6"));

My params

    consensus.nMinimumChainWork = uint256S("0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000");
    consensus.defaultAssumeValid = uint256S("0x0");
    assert(consensus.hashGenesisBlock == uint256S("00000b77d35990d98dd772387b495e21ba71f3b8472c576bfda5ddc884f9a4"));
    assert(genesis.hashMerkleRoot == uint256S("b13b6b3ac11f98527f656abe8f49dcf6945aad5b4c00b975ba23137160fd0ad6"));

Mining the genesis block

    genesis = CreateGenesisBlock(15378364, 229659, 0x1e0ffff0, 1, 50 * COIN);

    /*printf("Genesis mining startedn");
    genesis.nNonce = 0;
    consensus.hashGenesisBlock = uint256S("0x001");
    for(genesis.nNonce == 0; UintToArith256(genesis.GetHash()) > UintToArith256(consensus.powLimit); genesis.nNonce++){  } 
    printf("New genesis merkle root: %sn", genesis.hashMerkleRoot.ToString().c_str());
    printf("New genesis nonce: %lun", (unsigned long)genesis.nNonce);
    printf("New genesis hash: %sn", genesis.GetHash().ToString().c_str());
    printf("Now replace the values, reComment the Genesis mining code and reCompile. n");*/

    consensus.hashGenesisBlock = genesis.GetHash();
    assert(consensus.hashGenesisBlock == uint256S("00000b77d35990d98dd772387b495e21ba71f3b8472c50376bfda5ddc884f9a4"));
    assert(genesis.hashMerkleRoot == uint256S("b13b6b3ac11f98527f656abe8f49dcf6945aad5b4c00b975ba23137160fd0ad6"));

It generates the block but then I get the error.

I noticed that Monacoin genesis block looks very different to the one I created. I tried to create the genesis block using other project and it works. At this point I have no idea what I’m doing wrong.

EDIT: I tried to generate exactly the same genesis block using Monacoin default params, but it’s different. Probably my genesis code is wrong… but it worked for other coins.

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