Amazon Echo Show – Your Personal Wikipedia! [REVIEW] - 71J3vW39uAL - Amazon Echo Show – Your Personal Wikipedia! [REVIEW]

The Amazon Echo Show could have been great, but I’m expecting a bit more from a 200$-tablet style device.


  • It’s very futuristic and cool
  • Nice design
  • Very sturdy
  • Sound quality is amazing
  • Easy to use
  • Also available in German
  • It has a webcam (but you can’t use Skype)
  • More skills are added via the
  • Touchscreen is great


  • Design is nice for some people, others might find it too big and heavy
  • You’ll need a power supply
  • or regular browsing is not featured (yet – anymore)
  • Calling via Bluetooth not available in EU
  • Alexa can’t answer all your questions


Amazon Echo Show – Your Personal Wikipedia! [REVIEW] - 104457390 echo show 2 - Amazon Echo Show – Your Personal Wikipedia! [REVIEW]


It’s a difficult one to recommend. I’d love to tell you to go out and buy this asap, but right now, it’s not worth it’s price. As a for some quick news facts, setting an alarm or playing music: it’s great! But if you want to watch YouTube-videos or go to a specific website, you can’t. YouTube is (right now) not supported for me. It was added in the past, then deleted, and then added again, but only in US I think. Not in Europe for example. Also you can’t use the webcam with Skype for example or call phone numbers if you’re not in the US. Let’s put it this way: if YouTube gets back online in the future (which will probably happen), this will be a great device! If they could add Netflix and Skype as well, it would be a bargain for 200$. Let’s hope for it in the future! You can find the Show here for the best price!


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