recently announced a new game competition based on flexible running on AWS cloud infrastructure, GameOn. Amazon developed to help game developers to more easily recruit players, offer in-game rewards, scale and create competitions. is compatible for any Operating System; so, developers can focus on great games and let Amazon handle the infrastructure.

GameOn allows developers to offer digital and real-world prizes. Such prizes include in-game prizes, or options from anything sold or fulfilled by Amazon. Developers and Amazon see GameOn as a launchpad for more and bigger gaming competitions. Amazon brings GameOn to market with a number of notable launch partners Mokuni, Mindstorm Studios, GameCloud Studios, Avix, Umbrella, and Nazara Games.

Features currently available through the GameOn APIs include leaderboards, multi-round competitions, and leagues. These features are available in any country where AWS exists. GameOn supports any operating system, device, surface or screen size for the most flexibility possible. GameOn’s main components include the Game API (enables ability to include GameOn competitions into games), the Admin console (allows developers to manage administrate tournaments), and the Admin API (provides same capabilities as the Admin console). To learn more, check out the API docs.

Those interested need Amazon Developer credentials to get started. Register here for an API . To get a competition up and running, 1-get your API , 2-integrate the GameOn API into your game, and 3-schedule a competition with Amazon for internal testing.

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