Every photographer and hobbyist can tell you that or editing images can be, and often is, a time-consuming process that turns mundane images into quality pictures. There are plenty of quality photo editors that are utilized for those processes, but not a lot of hardware tools beyond graphics tablets, mice and trackballs. and development startup Bitgamma OU has come up with a device that allows you to retouch and edit images quicker using their Palitra retouching module.

The Palitra module features 36 fully configurable shortcuts through four page buttons and nine shortcut keys. (📷: Bitgamma OU)

As the video points out, the Palitra module is meant for shortcut-heavy application, including web development, graphic design, music creation, photo retouching, and more. The configurable module lets you zoom, change brush tools, or activate any other shortcut without using a keyboard, making it perfect for those with minimal desktop space.

Palitra features 36 configurable shortcuts using four page buttons, and nine shortcut keys. According to Bitgamma OU:

“You can use pages to logically divide your tasks, like blemish removal on one page, dodge/burn on the other, etc. All shortcuts can be configured at any time. Profiles can be saved and restored to quickly switch between different applications. And once a configuration has been saved to a Palitra, you can plug Palitra into any other computer, and your shortcuts will be the same, no further software required.”

Palitra is entirely source, recognized as an HID keyboard when plugged in via USB, and uses an app that can be run on Windows, Mac, and Linux-based machines. (📷: Bitgamma OU)

As for its features, the Palitra module is equipped with four LED lit page buttons and nine (non-illuminating) shortcut keys. It’s USB powered, lefty friendly, fully programmable, requires no drivers, and has a 9 x 7 x 1.6 cm footprint.

Bitgamma OU is currently crowdfunding their Palitra module on Crowd Supply for pledges of $25 and up. Take note, though, that it doesn’t come with a case; however if they make their target goal, they will throw in a 3D-printed ABS enclosure for no additional charge.

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