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This year, just like the previous year, Apple presented us with three new iPhones – the iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and XR. Its pricing, hardware, and size varied from model to model, presumably to appeal to different types of users. However as it turns out, one model seems to be less popular than the .

If you were thinking it might be the XR with its LCD screen, you would be wrong. Instead it seems that the iPhone is the one that seems to be the least popular. At least that’s according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who claims that pre-orders for Apple’s new iPhone have been “lackluster”.

It is unclear why that is, but it seems that despite that, he believes that Apple will still see a growth in iPhone shipments year-on-year, thanks to the iPhone Xs Max and the iPhone XR. In fact Kuo claims that reception to the iPhone Xs Max has been strong particularly in China, where the larger and the gold finish seems to be appealing to local tastes.

The XR has also been favorably received and he expects the handset to potentially make up 55-60% of iPhone sales. We won’t know that until the phones start shipping, which unfortunately for iPhone XR hopefuls will be slightly later than expected as pre-orders for the handset will only go live come 19th of October.

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