When you’re surrounded by Wi-Fi networks, it’s nearly impossible to tell which is fastest without connecting to each one, conducting a test, and dutifully recording the results. Luckily, Google’s introducing a new feature in Android 8.1 Oreo that does all the legwork for you: labels in the Wi-Fi settings menu.

In the coming days, devices running Android 8.1 Oreo-based software will begin to see four different speed indicators in Android’s Wi-Fi settings menu (Settings > Network and Internet > Wi-Fi): Slow, OKFast, and Very Fast. Google describes each of them in a support document:

- android oreo speed indicators 1024x243 - Android 8.1 Oreo’s Wi-Fi Menu Shows Speed Labels for Public Networks

Source: Google

The gist is that Slow and OK networks aren’t good for much else besides calling, texting, browsing the , and streaming tunes. Networks fast enough to get the Fast and Very Fast designation, on the other hand, can handle data-hungry apps like Netflix and YouTube.

Just how much faster is Very Fast than Fast? According to Android Police, which reached out to a Pixel User Community Manager for comment, these are the thresholds for each label:

  • Slow = 0 – 1 Mbps
  • OK = 1 Mbps – 5 Mbps
  • Fast = 5 Mbps – 20 Mbps
  • Very Fast = 20 Mbps+

Speed labels are enabled by default, but you won’t see them next to private networks that require passwords or hotspots that use a canary URL opt out of Android’s Wi-Fi Assistant service. If you prefer not to see them on any network, you can turn them off by heading to Settings > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi > Wi-Fi Preferences > Advanced > Network rating provider.

Wi-Fi speed labels aren’t Android Oreo‘s only network-focused feature. Oreo adds support for Wi-Fi Passpoint, an authentication protocol that allows devices to hop seamlessly between multiple hotspots in a network, Google Pixel devices on Android 8.0 and newer automatically connect to “high-quality saved networks”. If Oreo’s new speed labels work as advertised, they’ll be a worthy addition to a growing suite of Wi-Fi conveniences.

Source: Google Support Via: +Android

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