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three of our new Android Background Processing course is available today! In the final part of the course, you’ll take a look at the Service class. It’s a high-level component, available since API level 1, that lets you perform long-running actions that don’t require a user interface.

about the different of Services that are available, then try out an IntentService, learn to use a BroadcastReceiver, and play music while your is in the with a Foreground Service.

Part 3: Services

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  1. Introduction: Get an introduction to the Android Service class and what you’ll learn about on Services in this part of the course.
  2. Android Services: Define Android Service-related terminology and see the various types of Services along with their typical uses.
  3. IntentService: Use an IntentService to run a potentially long-running task on a built-in background thread that completes when the task is done.
  4. Broadcast Receiver: See how to use a BroadcastReceiver to send local broadcasts from a background IntentService that are received by the main thread.
  5. Challenge: IntentService: Practice what you’ve learned about IntentService and BroadcastReceiver to download a data file and update the Photos screen when the download is complete.
  6. Foreground Service: See how to use a Foreground Service to allow your app to perform a long-running task like playing media when the rest of the app is in the background.
  7. Notifications: Learn how to use a notification to let your Foreground Service run on later versions of Android, including with a NotificationChannel on Android O and above.
  8. Conclusion: In this final episode, we’ll summarize this last part and the whole course, and then see an overview of Background topics that were not covered.

- androidBackgroundProcessing screenshot3 650x366 - Android Background Processing Part 3: Services

Where To Go From Here?

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