Best Start Up Project: BrewCentral

Maker: Trent Shumay and Steven Pridie

Brewing amazing beer is a balance of art, science, and ritual. The
BrewCentral system makes it possible for anyone to do an all-grain brew!

BrewCentral pairs a real- PID controller with the touch-enabled UI and
decision-making compute power of Things. The result is a system that
accurately controls the time, temperature, and flow rates necessary to achieve
repeatable results during a brew cycle. The planned enhancements for cloud-based
brewing recipes will make this a connected experience for the entire brewing

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Best IoT Project: BrailleBox
– Braille News Reader

Maker: Joe Birch

BrailleBox is a piece of hardware that empowers users who are
hard-of-sight to read the latest news articles in Braille.

This project is a great use case of using IoT to have a social impact. The
current proof of concept streams articles from a news feed to the Braille pad,
but this project has the potential to leverage machine learning on the device to
translate additional input from the physical world into a Braille result.

Android Developers Blog: Android Things Contest Winners - image1 - Android Developers Blog: Android Things Contest Winners

Honorable Mentions

The community submitted some amazing projects for the contest, which made the
choice of picking only three winners extremely difficult. Here are a few of our
favorite projects that weren’t selected for a prize:

  • Andro
    : A shopping cart device powered by Android Things. Designed to help
    decentralize point of sale (POS) billing.
  • SIGHT:
    For the Blind
    : A pair of smart glasses for the blind, powered by Android
    Things and TensorFlow.
  • Industrial
    IoT Gateway
    : A smart industrial gateway for the IoT world based on Android
  • Sentinel: The
    first semi-autonomous home robot based on Android Things.
  • Word
    : A creative take on reading the time, powered by Android Things.
    Control it via the Nearby API or the Google Assistant.

We encourage everyone to check out all the new projects in the Google
Hackster community
, and submit your own as well! You can also join Google’s IoT Developers Community on Google+, a
great resource to get updates, ask questions, and discuss ideas. We look forward
to seeing what exciting projects you build!

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