Please note: although I specifically mention AngularJS, Ionic and Cordova here, I’m really talking about any app (hybrid and native alike) that produces binaries for iOS and platforms. As such, I believe that anybody with experience in dev should be able to address the question!

I am a mobile app for iOS and Android using AngularJS, Ionic and Cordova. My concern is that iOS and Android release updates all the time, some may be buggy or just might be outright breaking changes and all of the sudden become incompatible with the plugin/library versions that I’m using.

This will cause apps to crash spontaneously in production. But it sheds light on an even nastier problem under the hood: making the decision to pin your against specific dependency (plugins/libraries/etc.) versions or just always pull in the latest/stable versions of them!

Option 1: Pin your dependency versions

Here we specify the exact version of all dependencies to use. We then fight with the Ionic build to get the app built, but are now good to go. I can expect that if I don’t change any of my code, that each subsequent build of the app against the exact same dependency versions will always result with a successful build.

However, when iOS/Android does release a breaking change or bug (or anything that prompts the library/plugin maintainers to go into a frenzy and publish new versions of themselves), because I’ve pinned my previous build to specific versions of dependencies, I may actually be running on very old dependency versions and it will now be a massive headache to get my app building again against all the latest versions.

Option 2: Use latest/stable versions at all

If I don’t specify dependency versions (and just let the build always use latest and greatest), then I could work fervently to get my app building, then wait a few days (and not change any of my own code) and then try building it again and the compile/build might fail! This is because in between those few days, some project upgraded itself and/or its own dependencies and introduced a build-breaking change.

However, when iOS/Android releases a breaking change that requires me to upgrade to latest dependencies, the headache would likely be considerably less then Option 1 since I’ll be on a relatively much newer version of all my dependencies.

Are there any tools/strategies//etc. that the mobile community leverages to stabilize builds and make it so that I can have more consistent, repeatable builds?

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