Lastly, we also want to grow the security community. Upon observing how last year’s competition engaged new players from all over the world, we want to continue to create a safe space for people to come and learn while trying to solve and having fun. Our internal security team employs several people who actively compete in CTF competitions in their spare , so we value this activity and want to give back to and help grow our community.

We hope to virtually see you at the 2nd annual CTF on June 17th at 00:00:01 UTC. Check this site ( for more details, as they become available.

The Big Picture

At Google, we aim to reward the hard work of hackers and security researchers. One such avenue is our Google Vulnerability Rewards Programs. Many of the best bug hunters enjoy participating in ‘Capture The Flag’ contests, and great vulnerabilities have been discovered and disclosed at them. During last year’s Google CTF we also received some security bug reports in our scoreboard, for which we gave out rewards under the VRP. Another way we reward this community is with our Vulnerability Research Grants Program and our Patch Rewards Program. We look forward to the best contestants taking some time to explore our other programs for opportunities to make some money and help improve the security of the internet.

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