We have a TV Anywhere we’ve been trying to get approved with no luck for over 2 weeks. They’ve rejected for tons of different reasons, such as claiming we violate copyright rules we provided our content licensing contracts & so on.

Now we’re being rejected because the reviewer claims it doesn’t work on IPv6 and we’ve uploaded videos to Dropbox and sent the links showing that it does indeed work on wi-fi connected to IPv6 R; so if there is a problem it is with Apple’s network not us. We do require location since our electronic guide — the day schedule that shows what content is available at certain times of day — requires location data to know what content to show the viewer.

They also rejected claiming we ask for registered accounts which is not allowed. Our platform is cross-platform, with apps for , Roku TV, browser & iOS , and designed so that users can login from a registered account on any device. Similar to all of our competitors, or you know, apps like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. We’ve been unable to launch our big marketing campaign for weeks while going through this review process.

I’ve tried appealing multiple times & even asking for a phone call, and basically got a message saying in 3 to 5 days someone is going to call me out of the blue. Which is unlikely to work since I’m extremely busy with meetings throughout my day and I don’t generally answer robocalls.

There has to be a better way to deal with this, right? The app reviewer took 5 days to claim the app doesn’t work (it was literally “in review status” for five days before we heard back) and this all feels fishy since the reviewer keeps coming up with new excuses to reject. I been trying to find a phone number or something……

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