- krft 3 - App of the week: KRFT review

That said, the is in a sense demanding, even if it’s broadly intuitive. When staring at a blank surface, you must simultaneously consider instruments, components, and a potential composition. Even those well-versed in music apps may initially flail.

Smartly, though, ships with demos that show off its range. With Honey you get a futuristic keyboard, comprising single-note fill modules, and dials for manipulating sounds live. Caffeine is a full track to remix on the fly.

There are some limitations to the system, however. KRFT is currently a closed , lacking Audiobus and IAA support, and the only way to get songs out of it is to record live playback and export the resulting saved AAC. Still, for the performance-oriented and anyone who likes the idea of creating music and unique digital instruments to play them, KRFT’s a fiver well spent.

KRFT is available for iOS.

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