apple admits it’s been slowing down older iphones - 170828111252 iphone 7 1024x576 740x416 - Apple Admits It’s Been Slowing Down Older iPhones

Apple is one of those companies that can’t seem to shake the accusations of down iPhones. People seem to think that once a new iPhone model is introduced, their current iPhone starts losing its fast performance.

There’s even a phrase for the practice of intentionally lowering the life span of a product in order to sell users on new units; Planned Obsolescence. And while many will come to Apple’s defense and offer explanations for why people may think their have been intentionally slowed down, Apple has just been forced to announce a bit of a bombshell for users.

As it turns out, Apple has been intentionally slowing older iPhones. In this instance, the iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 have been given updates that will throttle the CPU’s clock speed, slowing performance.

Apple gives a reason for this however. They say that the update which throttles CPU clock speed is designed to prolong the life of the iPhone’s lithium-ion batteries, as well as address an issue where batteries could cause the phones to randomly shut down.

Of course, one could argue that by slowing the performance of an iPhone’s CPU, in one Twitter user’s instance, from 1400 MHz to 600 MHz on an iPhone 6, they are actually encouraging users to upgrade.

This a big story. Apple has long been accused of slowing phones, but this is the first example of hard proof. In fact, there has already been a class-action lawsuit filed against Apple.

We’ll have to wait and see what comes next.

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