Find Your Next Favorite Brew

Step outside the norm and see what else is on tap. If you love discovering new beers, these apps will put you on the right track.

Untappd - Discover Beer  - 256x256bb - Apps for Beer Lovers

Get ready to drink socially with Untappd

Untappd – Discover Beer

Untappd - Discover Beer  - 750x750bb - Apps for Beer Lovers

For those who are interested in sharing information about beer

Untappd is a social discovery and check-in network for anyone that enjoys beer. It gives you the ability to easily find nearby craft beers and bars, see what beers are trending, as well as see where your friends are drinking. Check out the personalized recommendations and use Untappd to find the nearest location you can get the beer you want. Once you’ve got that delicious beer in your hand, use Untappd to track, rate, take a photo, and share it with all your friends. As you explore more beer styles and locations, you will uncover a variety of badges!
– Easily discover new beers and bars near your location
– See where your friends are drinking and meet up with them
– Personalized beer recommendations based on the tastes of you and your friends
– Find where you can get a specific beer nearby
– Share ratings, reviews and photos of your favorite beers with your friends
– Post your activity and photos to your Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare
– Create a wish list of beers you want to try in the future
– Unlock a variety of badges for trying different styles and places

Why we love it

This is a great app for not only and discovering beers around you, but it also lets you take notes about beers you have tried. The social aspect allows you to see nearby beers that are trending, and allows you to share your opinions on what’s worth trying and what’s better left untapped.

BeerMenus - Find Great Beer  - 256x256bb - Apps for Beer Lovers

Check the bar menu before you head out

BeerMenus – Find Great Beer

BeerMenus - Find Great Beer  - 750x750bb - Apps for Beer Lovers

For beer lovers who want to know what’s being served nearby

Find places selling the beers you love or those you want to try. Browse up-to-date beer menus for bars, restaurants, and beer stores nearby. Follow your beers and get notified when they become available nearby. Follow bars and restaurants to get notified when they change their beer menu. Log the beers you drink to keep track of them and easily find your favorites. Find places selling beers you’ve been wanting to try. You can search for beers and bars directly from Spotlight.

Why we love it

This is a great app for checking to see what beers are being served at bars and restaurants around you. Your night always seems to be a bit better when your favorite beer is being served, right? This app takes the guess work out of it – just open the app and check the bar menu before you head out.

World of Beer Mobile  - 256x256bb - Apps for Beer Lovers

Now you can have a World of Beer in the palm of your hand

World of Beer Mobile

World of Beer Mobile  - 750x750bb - Apps for Beer Lovers

World of Beer has thousands of locations around the world. With this app, you can view the entire beer inventory from any of their bars. With smart filtering, you can find the right beer for you at any time and any location. So if you’re in the mood for a German Pilsner or a stout, you can find where they’re serving it near you. If you have a World of Beer loyalty card, you enter your card number and have access to your complete loyalty information so you never have to worry about leaving your card at . This app allows you to view your location’s food and cocktail menus, as well as find upcoming events and live music.

Why we love it

If you’re serious about beer, this is the app for you. It has everything the World of Beer member could want. From checking out the beer menu before you head out, and smart filters to find the right beer to fit your mood, to finding local events.

Uncover a Cool Craft Beer

Learn about new brands or find a brewery nearby. If you are an enthusiast for true craft beer, these apps have everything you need.

Brewery Passport - Craft Beer  - 256x256bb - Apps for Beer Lovers

Your craft beer tasting tour guide

Brewery Passport – Craft Beer

- 00001 - Apps for Beer Lovers

For those who want to find craft beer near them when they travel

This an awesome app for finding local craft beer breweries as well as finding them when you travel. It allows you to search for breweries by name, region, subregion, city, state, zip code, nearby or by using a map. There’s no excuse for not finding a brewery in any location! The passport element makes it fun to gain a new stamp at each craft brewery you visit and allows you to share them through email, text, Facebook and Twitter.

Why we love it

This isn’t a difficult decision. If you like beer, get Brewery Passport. You’ll all kinds of cash thanks to the exclusive Brewery Passport offers from their partners. Just look for the green “$” symbol.

Craft Nation-Join Your Tribe!  - 256x256bb - Apps for Beer Lovers

Get read to Join Your Tribe!

Craft Nation-Join Your Tribe!

Craft Nation-Join Your Tribe!  - 750x750bb - Apps for Beer Lovers

For those who want to learn all about craft beer near them

You can discover new brands and new products in the exploding craft marketplace, and while you learn more about their story, you can become a brand ambassador for them. And finally, you can easily FIND where these products are sold near you. Each brand sets the rules, the points, and what you can redeem. They will ask you to accept challenging “Missions” to prove your loyalty and reward you for your help. Begin your journey today by identifying your favorite brands, engage with them, help by being part of their story, find their products and start earning rewards! Craft Lovers: Share, Earn & Redeem! Craft Nation’s scanning technology enables interactive experiences with bottle/can labels, augmented reality tokens, and unique “Mission” images all which can deliver rich media, such as videos, animation, and augmented reality.

Why we love it

This app is a ‘must have for’ any craft beer enthusiast. It is a fun and social app that makes keeping track of the craft beers you’ve tried a snap. What could be easier than scanning the label?

PintPass - Text Craft Beer  - 256x256bb - Apps for Beer Lovers

Discover new craft beer and see what’s on tap right now

PintPass – Text Craft Beer

- 00001 - Apps for Beer Lovers

For those who want to connect with other craft beer lovers

PintPass is an app that helps you discover new craft beer and to see what’s on tap at local breweries. Not only can you find local craft beers and craft breweries near you, but there are also many discounts and even free beer and food to be found. There is an optional $3 a month membership that gives your discounts that serve craft brew. It allows you to send a craft beer to both members and non-members alike that can be redeemed at participating breweries and restaurants. If you are serious about craft beer, this membership should pay for itself many times over.

Why we love it

The goal of this app is to connect the craft beer community. They aren’t about promoting bars or restaurants, just promoting craft beer and where you can find it. And who doesn’t like discounts and free beers?

Make Beer at Home

Brewing your own beer can be fun and with the right tools it can be easy too. If you are into making your own brewsky, these are the apps you need.

BeerSmith Mobile Home Brewing  - 256x256bb - Apps for Beer Lovers

Thousands of beer recipes right at your fingertips

BeerSmith Mobile Home Brewing

BeerSmith Mobile Home Brewing  - 750x750bb - Apps for Beer Lovers

For home brewers who want an app that integrates with desktop software

BeerSmith 2 is one of the world’s top selling home brewing software companies. This app seamlessly integrates with the desktop software, allowing the home brewer to design, edit and brew your best beer from your iPhone or iPad. Save a recipe on your desktop and the cloud will make it available on your phone. You can either create your own recipes, or search through thousands of BeerSmith recipes. The easy to set up timers for steep, mash and boil will send you notifications so you never forget when it’s time for the next step. There are seven calculators and five unit converters that every home brewer needs to have.

Why we love it

This app really does have it all for the home brewer. There are thousands of beer recipes at your fingertips, and if you’re feeling brave enough to venture out on your own, you can create your very own recipes and tweak them however you wish. With built in calculators and converters, this just very well may be the only home brewing app you need.

Brewer's Friend  - 256x256bb - Apps for Beer Lovers

Brewing with total confidence

Brewer’s Friend

Brewer's Friend  - 750x750bb - Apps for Beer Lovers

For the home brewer that wants a great app filled with extras

The details make the between an average batch of home brew and a truly excellent brew that is repeatable. This app is a beer recipe calculator, brew session tracker, and brew log – all on your iPhone. This application is capable of syncing with the Brewer’s Friend cloud solution (the application works by itself stand alone, but the sync requires a premium account at the site). The level of detail in this add free app is truly impressive. For instance, you can work in either specific gravity or plato, yeast attenuation is automatically calculated, and it will even tell you if the recipe you have chosen matches the style of beer you were going for.

Why we love it

This is the ultimate app for the die hard home brewer. If you are all about the details and fine tuning your brew, this is your new go-to app.

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