In this Q&A with TechGenix writer Mitch Tulloch, our founder and CEO Isaac Kohen discusses how algorithms can help organizations safeguard their :

Businesses and organizations of all sizes are struggling to deal with the increasing variety and level of their networks, , and data are facing. Last year was a bad year for everyone when it comes to IT security. With new attack vectors being discovered almost daily, with ransomware and phishing scams becoming rampant, and with worries about state-sponsored hacking, it’s no wonder that IT professionals for safeguarding corporate assets have trouble sleeping at night.

Maybe it’s for something new in how organizations approach the task of network, data, and IT security. Perhaps some fundamental change in how we protect networks is needed to help us identify and mitigate new kinds of threats and attacks when they appear in the wild.
Perhaps algorithms hold the to this need. Continue reading Isaac’s interview on TechGenix.

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