- better sound desktop large 2x - Are These the BEST Headphones Ever?

I’ve tried my fair share of for review on this blog, but I’ve always had one serious issue: they didn’t fit well. I wear glasses and it can be very annoying to wear over ear while wearing glasses.


When I first put the Blue Sadie headphones on, I forgot about all that. These have the best fit I’ve every tried. They feel soft but still cover your ear completely. The passive noise cancellation is better than other headphones and you have different modes to amplify the sound or bass.




  • Best fit ever with glasses on
  • Very nice and sturdy desig
  • Good battery life
  • You can listen to them when there’s no battery on passive mode
  • Clear and crisp sound
  • The amplification modes give a lot of extra boost to the sound


  • The knob for amplification was not that easy to use
  • No indication on battery level

- sadie header desktop 2x - Are These the BEST Headphones Ever?


The Blue Sadie looks great and sounds awesome as well. These headphones feel heavenly and the amplification modes make sure you can add some extra bass or clear sound to your music. At 400$ these are not cheap, but a very professional pair of headphones you could use for work (editing, music…) or outdoors for the commute. You can find the Blue Sadie headphones here.

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