A new year so it’s a good moment to review the plans for and the that need to managed. In order to assess , any financial institution first needs a clear and detailed risk appetite definition.  Thereafter, the organisation will need a periodic
assessment of actual risks.

Running a risk scan periodically can be extremely useful. i-KYC has done these risk assessments for many organizations and has built up an extensive set of criteria to assess the / risk in any type of financial institution.

We use an approach in which we zoom in on the AML/CFT environment from a governance, business, execution, resource, policy and training perspective. Questions can be tailored to reflect the specifics of any organization in terms of client portfolio, geography
and size.

To give you an idea, we have included a risk scan teaser with questions – give it a try – it will only take 5 minutes. Do the scan here #mce_temp_url#



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