Today we are announcing support for the public beta of Google Core, a fully managed service on Google Platform (GCP), to securely connect and manage IoT devices at scale with the availability of the Arm-based IoT Kit for Cloud IoT Core, available from Adafruit.

With Cloud IoT Core, businesses can easily connect and centrally manage millions of globally dispersed IoT devices. When used as part of the broader Google Cloud IoT solution, it can ingest all IoT and connect to Google Cloud’s state of the art analytics services including Cloud Pub/Sub, Dataflow, Bigtable, BigQuery, and Machine Learning. Cloud IoT Core is now publicly available to all users in beta, including new features and pricing plan.

The Adafruit harnesses the power of the Arm-based Raspberry Pi to allow developers to experiment with Google Cloud IoT Core, to and prototype their ideas.

A wide range of sensors and actuators are included in the kit to give developers the experience of a wide variety of IoT solutions. These include: temperature & sensor, servo, 815;8 mini display, 8 Channel -Bit ADC and plenty of LEDs, switches and potentiometers.

Source code examples for applications that connect directly into Google Cloud IoT Core are supplied on GitHub

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