Arduino MKR GSM 1400 

We’re excited to announce that Arm is partnering with Arduino, the leading open-source electronics platform. In July, Arduino announced it was now back under control of the co-founders of the project. We were happy to see this and a return to the original Arduino vision, as laid out by CTO Massimo Banzi at Maker Faire in New York last month.

Arduino has made microcontroller technology accessible to millions of people in all walks of life; in education, in , in industry. It brings together the microelectronics and interaction design worlds. This is how amazing applications are born, and these applications are increasingly evolving into viable products and businesses. We think Arduino plays an important role in this – and one that should be defended.

Fueling IoT innovation

This scale of innovation is going to contribute to the 250,000 unique Internet of Things (IoT) applications IDC predict by 2020. We want it to be even easier to move from innovative idea to commercial product volume. We’ll be collaborating more with Arduino to achieve this, and two Arm employees will be the Arduino board to help on this project. 

Arduino launched their first Arm-based platform Arduino Due, back in 20. This was just the beginning – new IoT boards with LoRa and GSM connectivity, based on an Arm Cortex-M0+ MCU from Microchip, were announced just last month at Maker Faire in New York.

Enabling innovation across the board

IoT spans many diverse markets, and it’s an area Arm and our partners have long invested in. Arm Cortex-M microcontrollers are already inside thousands of commercial products, with more than 20 Arm Cortex-M processors shipped to date. The Arm Mbed platform is enabling the creation and deployment of commercial, standards-based IoT solutions at scale. There is still massive opportunity for growth and new applications – and people getting hands-on with the technology, getting inspired by the possibilities – is where the journey will start for many of them.

From this new partnership with Arduino to our ongoing support of the Raspberry Pi Foundation and micro:bit, at Arm we’re passionate about enabling everyone to learn about and create applications using our technology – and to ensure these can be scaled and deployed successfully. As our partnerships and collaborations with the whole Arm continue, we’re looking forward to seeing what incredible new ideas, products and businesses emerge next!

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