I understand this question is poorly formed, so here is my attempt in narrowing it down so, you can advise me suitably. I am a high-school physics who has always hoped of transitioning into a coding . I have dabbled with a bit of programming here and there (school projects); i have a logically thinking mind and decent math background. I have been on leave from work for the last 2 years, owing to health reasons. As i am on full recovery now, I believe there isn’t going to a better to plan the leap, up-skill and get interview . Here are a few questions i’m bogged down with and some of the driving factors that would help me with the choices.

  1. I notice varying opinions on career paths to from. I like the idea of full-stack development with a greater focus on enterprise/ back-end development. I can see working for a big client allowing some career stability. I’ve also gathered that a front-end focused career might require high creativity acumen and keeping up with frameworks. For a career decision, Is this a right assumption? Can a newly self-trained developer expect to get hired as a “full stack with back-end focus” engineer?

  2. I played with a bit of Java in the past and i intend to further my understanding of data structures with essential algorithms. My long term plan is to get into Machine Learning and I am coming across a stream of information, quite consistently, that i should rather get on with Python instead – for its library and domain reach. If this is true, Should i just invest my time in Python? Does it have a demand in enterprise space, comparable to Java?

  3. This one is a bit embarrassing. I haven’t been able to earn a new penny in long time. I have the resolve and experience of in front of a screen for hours and i intend to seriously crack on. With your experience, With your learning along the way, If you had to be today and starting new in your profession – What would be your choice of language/ stack to quickly ramp up and become a interview worthy junior-dev. It is not the simplest of questions to answer, as there are a lot of unknown elements involved. I live close to London just in case for local market trend info, if that helps you in advising (if you may) the assured path to getting hired.

If you have read this far, I genuinely thank you for your time and i look forward to getting some feedback. I also intend to return to this post in future and share my updates.

Again, Many thanks,


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