The , first discussed on AppAdvice in December, is a guide in the form of a series of animated, beautifully drawn interactive challenges. You’re presented with a situation – your child falls over, for example, or gets into a fight with a sibling, or doesn’t want to do homework – and three possible responses are made available to you.

Only one of these responses is technically correct, but there’s no way to lose in Parenting because whichever option you is followed by feedback, giving you invaluable insights into what makes children tick. It’s worth picking the wrong answers as well as the right ones.

While the correct answer is usually pretty obvious, it’s probably not the choice you’ve always selected in the real world. Dealing with children is never that easy, after all.

Parenting Hero helps you to see things from your child’s perspective, and its lessons will come to you like an angel on your shoulder in those unavoidable daily moments of conflict. Take it from us.

The discounted Parenting Hero is available in the App Store and through Google Play. The temporary is good until Jan. 17.

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