You often tell me that AI will do everything you can imagine once we have sensors that know what is around it such as trees, floors, walls, objects, etc.

We cannot database everything into its memory though at first because billions of things exist.

You need to start with a small vocabulary that you would get in closed environments such as factories. We already have some robots putting in screws in certain holes, but they are not running that would be easily expanded for AI. If we make the general purpose AI with the ability to be scaleable to take on more objects as a vocabulary, we could start by automating factories on a case by case basis. This would improve our and make some short term revenue to fuel innovation.

The factory that would be the easiest to automate might be package loading for UPS or FedEx. Almost everyone one of us could afford a tractor as a lab. Even if it the research didn’t turn out, it is good for storage.

So you would have one object you would have to identify via openCV: A . You could manually enter its weight. Then having weight/dimensions, the algorithm would tell you were to stack it. You do not need an expensive crane system to start. Simply stack it by hand where the AI tells you. Yay, we have AI bosses already.

So to start you would need a cam, openCV and Unity3d. OpenCV would recognize the object, and Unity3d would help maybe recognize it from different angles, and remember the wall being built.

If you get it working and identifying the box on a conveyor, try and get it identifying the wall being stacked too.

Once this works well, maybe look into getting a cieling mounted crane to autostack.

This could be the core of AI, to id an object and then do a process on it. A lot of people don’t understand how AI needs to know the objects around it to interact with them, but it does like a person needs senses to recognize objects around them to interact.

Starting with a small vocabulary and to a larger vocabulary is fine. And having a lot of crutch hard code laying around at first is fine too. The general purpose AI will eventually understand a larger vocabulary, think about the interactions more and do actions based on its body.

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